For over the last year, I have used Theragun to help promote active muscle recovery. I believe that the vibrational energy caused by the device causes blood flow to that area, reduces inflammation, reduces tightness, and enables you to take recovery into your own hands. I think of it as a self-massage that is easy to do and does not take that much time to have profound influences on your body. Since I began using it, I feel more relieved and relaxed as it is a great device to use to create positive impacts on your body. I usually use the equipment in the morning to increase blood circulation throughout my body and quickly reduce tightness before my day.

The Theragun Website says that its device used Percussive Massage Therapy to promote wellness. In Fei’s article called “Percussive Massage Therapy,” they describe what the type of massage therapy does. The article explains that the new treatment is a breakthrough in massage therapy that treats patients with soft tissue pain. It enhances tissues’ growth and repairs them with “strong, rapid, short-duration” pulses deep into the body’s tissues. As I mentioned before, it increases blood circulation in the treatment area that helps repair the muscle and prevent future damage. Since it decreases inflammation and tightness, it relieves pain and increases range of motion, giving you the ability to stretch more comfortably. It breaks down scar tissue, which can be useful for people who get a muscle biopsy to understand their bodies more. Since it elongates muscle fibers, it reduces tightness and prevents spasms and cramps.

The website also mentions something about fascia, and my massage therapist describes fascia as the outer layer covering everything within your body. Fascia connects the entire body and has many roles in support and functioning of your muscles, ligaments, tendons, fibers, and internal organs. Reducing the tightness of fascia enables it to perform at its optimal level that can only have positive consequences. Since your body is connected, reducing fascia tightness prevents tightness from forming elsewhere and enables you to have less inflammation. Since muscular dystrophy comes results in inflammation that causes discomfort in your body, I would recommend using the device.

The Theragun website above mentions that it is their goal “to provide effective and natural whole-body wellness solutions to help people feel better and do more of what moves them.” I can concur that their device enables that very thing and enables me to participate in activities without feeling cramps or pain. When I started Theragun, I targeted the calf muscle, back muscles, shoulder muscle, quadriceps, hips, and hamstrings, which made me feel a lot better. My massage therapist and physical therapist witnessed how I reduce the overall tightness in my body within weeks instead of it being over months. Without using the device, I felt more tightness in my body, which displays how useful this device truly is. Unlike purchasing a massage therapist, you could have a massage without having to spend money on it. It is easy to use because you do not need to push against your muscles for effects; the vibration does most of the work for you.

I purchased the Theragun PRO, and there are many attachments that you can buy with the device. You can buy different shapes to work with different parts of your body. You can operate it with various frequencies to find the one that suits you best. They have a version of a foam roller that I have tried and is very good if that is something you want to try. They have created a new initiative for providing massage creams and lotions to boost recovery from the device, which I am sure is useful.

Theragun is an easy way to improve the wellness of your body, and it promotes recovery and several other benefits from using the device. My experience has shown how effective it is, but it is always beneficial to try the tool out first before buying it. Therapists around me witnessed the transformation that occurred when I began using the device to decrease the tightness throughout my body. I would recommend you finding a vibrational machine because it increases blood circulation and enhances blood flow to that specific area has numerous impacts that I cannot even begin to explain. I would like to thank Theragun for creating a device that has been influential to me because I cannot imagine my life without it.