I have mentioned that I use Braintap before, but this blog will further detail the product. I heard about BrainTap from my massage therapist about a year ago, and we tried doing massages with the headset. She noticed that my muscles were able to relax, giving her the ability to give a better massage when I had it on. I could comfortably rest with the device as it can take you through a journey to creating your mental escape to relax, provide helpful tips about breathing, and music that makes it easier to fall asleep.

An article called “How Braintap will help you Rejuvenate your Mind” by Emily’s Frugal tips. She is another source that believes in the benefits of BrainTap but gives a good description that puts the whole point across. Neuroscience and my experiences that display that the product does work and is backed up by studies. Using Light Frequency and Sound therapy is a useful tool that can work to transform your life for the better. She explains that it delivers a gentle pulse of light that enters through the ear and into the retina and is also shines onto your closed eyes that guide the brain into peaking in performance. Braintap’s Website gives an informative image that I inserted below that describes how light wave therapy works. As we all know, light has different frequencies that can promote robust recovery inside of your body and brain. Since I use the sleep program, I use Deep Sleep wavelengths, which helps relax me and make sure I have a fantastic sleep.

BrainTap has different programs that you can use depending on your focus. I solely use sleep programs, but several programs use various light therapies to give benefits to you. The sound treatment utilizes different frequencies of sound waves that have shown to enhance relaxation. While I do not entirely understand the science behind the benefits of sound therapy, I can assure you that it ensures my relaxation. As someone who sleeps to music to promote bliss and different sound frequency that improves aspects of your body, this type of therapy does work due to the experiences I have had with it. The sound and light therapy work together to create the best possible state for your mind and give you the ability for more REM sleep, which witnesses the recovery of your muscles at night.

Many reviews share opinions with me on how the product ensures the brain is working at its best proficiency and can help you relax before going to sleep. You can not care for your wellbeing if you do not care for your mind first. If your mind is working most productively, you can continue to work on your body without any setbacks. You can also use this product to help you recall information and learn as much knowledge you can to develop the community. Honestly, the extensive influences that come from BrainTap display that everyone should have this device. On top of this, your brain has many functions throughout your body and ensures that your body works. BrainTap serves as a method that understands that very idea and is assisting you in overcoming any mental challenges.

Mental issues are a growing issue that is arising throughout the entire world. Since Muscular Dystrophy can lead to confidence issues, a lack of dystrophin can prevent your brain from working at its innovative state, and medicine can intensify emotions, BrainTap is the most important thing for you in my opinion. It also promotes sleep, which I have mentioned gives you a healthy lifestyle in the first place. When I use BrainTap, I can be more productive when it comes to learning and can focus on the very thing I am doing, which is vital for me when I am working on improving my body. It works to reduce the stress that leads to inflammation throughout your body and various other harmful things that you can easily avoid using this device.

In short, BrainTap is an excellent device that can transform your entire life. The little device has extensive programs that can improve your wellbeing, which demonstrates that everyone should have it. I cannot begin to explain how much I have changed by using these programs. Since I was a junior this year, and there was a quarantine, it was a time of high stress, and the device helped me get through the toughest year of my life. I would recommend the tool to everybody because I want everyone to witness the same impacts that I have. While I do not entirely understand the scientific aspect, Neuroscience has proved that it works, and I am a prime example of its usefulness.