Welcome To Vitality Pod!

Vitality Pod is my attempt to increase the database of knowledge on muscular dystrophy. My goal is to help anyone with the condition or without it find ways to live healthier and better lives. All the knowledge written on these blogs are from my personal experiences and have helped make me feel amazing despite my condition. I hope that some of the information on the website can help you in some way.

- Jack


Building Weak Quads

For the last year, I have been working with my physiotherapist to build strength and stability in...



Mindset: Year Compass

Today, I wanted to speak about an activity you complete at the end of each year, which helps you...


Sleep Debt

Sleep is crucial to the recovery and health of your body, and Sleep Debt is an indicator of...


Exercise Physiologist

Today, I wanted to discuss exercise physiology and how it has been part of treating my condition...