Today, I want to cover a newsletter recommended by a friend and colleague, Future Crunch. Future crunch also has a few other products and resources. I love this newsletter because they publish weekly good news from around the world. Since most news networks are negative, this news source is biased towards positive, inspiring and hopeful global stories. They make it clear that they are biased and are trying to change the narratives and stories we hear and tell ourselves to give hope for the future. I am writing to cover this newsletter to spotlight their significant impact on the world.

Their Good News Newsletter 

Future Crunch has the option of a free and paid version. The paid version also includes a more specialised deep dive into interesting topics like clean energy, science and the best bits of the internet. They give away one-third of their revenues to small charities, non-profits and individuals making a real difference. They have been releasing their newsletters since 2017, enabling you to read all the stories they have covered on their websites. They have descriptions that get to the point, visuals/images, videos, and links to their information sources for a more in-depth exploration. I love getting this positive news and seeing all the good that is out there in the world. At the end of each year, they also highlight the best stories that happened throughout the year, a memorable way to start the new year.


They only have three products in their shop, but I am sure this will expand in time. All their designs are made from a high-quality combination of organic cotton blends with recycled polyester. Their products are the most sustainable that they can source. You can find out more of the details in the individual product descriptions. All the carbon emissions caused by making and sending the garment are offset with carefully vetted credits, and the packaging is fully compostable. Many companies say they offset emissions, but it is rarely valid, but Future Crunch dedicated itself to ensuring it is legitimate. 10% of the profits from the merchandise go to small charities helping the world in their way.

Speaking Events

I was unaware Future Crunch had different presentations and speaking events. They have spoken at over 200 events on five continents, telling stories about the excellent solutions to some of our most pressing issues. They create memorable experiences that integrate stories with music and visuals to make an impact on their audience. They pride themselves on these positive stories and translating complicated information into actionable insights and hope. They can do in-person and virtual events, such as traditional keynotes, workshops, interactive digital presentations and online streaming experiences. Here is a link to their youtube channel that has some of the events Future Crunch – YouTube.

Final Note on Future Crunch

I have been constantly inspired and reassured of all the great strides happening in the world. As there are many great issues, sometimes we get caught up in a cycle of cruelty and negativity. I constantly hear that “the world is going to shit,” but I always know that great people make a positive difference. And the more progress we make, the closer we get to our ideals of a hopeful future. Future Crunch’s Newsletter and events are incredible and inspiring, so I recommend incorporating this realistic optimism into your life.