It is difficult to understand anyone else’s triumphs or pains unless you have been in a similar situation yourself. When I was twelve, a doctor said to my face that I had a muscle-wasting condition with no cures. My whole life, I enjoyed playing sports and enjoying time with my friends without feeling any restrictions. I cannot express how those words truly smashed my life into a corner. After that day, my father, mother, and I went into different states of shock and minor depression.

Do We Ever Move On From Traumatic Experiences?

After life hits you hard, I do not believe we ever forget these traumatic experiences. We can reframe them and move on, but they become integrated into our identity. The best thing that we can do is live our best lives while adapting to our circumstances. A speaker who came into my school yesterday performed one of his poems that spoke to me. Three sons received different things. One received wealth, one received chances for adventures, and one received love. The one that experienced love was the only son who enjoyed his life. The moral of the story is that everyone has to acknowledge all of the bizarre circumstances and love the downs and lows of life. Like the son who had love, make the most of friends and family who support you entirely and do the things you love.

What Was My Most Important Life Lesson?

Enjoying life was a fantastic lesson that came to me unexpectedly. I initially forced myself into hiding in a bubble because I was afraid of being treated as a different person and persevered through changes. Whenever I feel down about my situation, I remind myself of the fantastic opportunities stemming from my diagnosis. I think it is also essential to understand what the lows can teach us. Now I am aware that I need to make the most of my lows and highs. Luckily for me, nothing can be lower than my diagnosis, and after experiencing this darkness, I learned to find the light and love the life my parents have given me.

What Should You Take From My Experiences?

By remembering the experiences that shatter my life, I continually gain more confidence and grasp at happiness that I can now achieve due to the lessons I have learned from my diagnosis. I use my positive and negative emotions from my past and present to make the most of my life. For anyone reading this, I encourage you to think about the memories and fun opportunities you have experienced. For those who have experienced lows, learn the lessons and get yourself to a point when your whole being can experience the highs of life. Love the life that has been given to you because you never know when your whole life may completely change.