For a while now, I have been putting mushroom powders in my smoothies, given the potential to reduce inflammation, improve the immune system, and give my body the best nutrients I can. Today, I am speaking to the powders I have been using for the last year, as it has resulted in me having more energy and having a higher trending HRV, suggesting that I am recovering better. Since there has been recent interest in the benefits of mushrooms in documentaries I have watched and peer-reviewed articles, hopefully, my discussion of this topic will be valuable to you. I will first speak to where I purchased the mushroom powders and then dive into their specifics. 

Blissfit Foods

I found Blissfit Foods near my house at a Farmer’s Market in Sydney (based in Australia), as they produce and sell foods made with premium, natural whole ingredients. All their foods are raw, vegan, refined sugar-free, free of additives and preservatives, and gluten-free, accommodating many diets and interests. Their website has a range of delicious recipes using their products, ranging from avocado chocolate mousse, warm munh bean choc porridge, and beetroot bliss. My favorite recipe is the chocolate milkshake, mixing dark chocolate with all-natural monk sweetener in a blender. Their products include medicinal mushroom extract, activated collagen, dark chocolate, coffee boosters, activated nuts, granola and grains, paleo bars, and more. The individuals running the store at the market are also kind and knowledgeable, always giving me free gifts and delicious treats when I stop by. 

Mushroom Powders

For the mushroom extract powder for Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps M., Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane, and a blend of multiple mushrooms together. All the mushrooms appear to be grown in the mountains in northern China and are organic. The benefits for Chaga include improving immunity, reducing inflammation, and regulating blood pressure and cholesterol. For Reishi, it is said to enhance immunity, support lung and respiratory health, and relieve stress. For Cordyceps, it is said to increase physical performance, endurance, and stamina. For Turkey Tail, it is said to cleanse the liver and improve digestive, gut, and bone health. For Lion’s Mane, is said to protect the nervous system, improve blood pressure, and aid in mental clarity, concentration, and cognitive function.

Experience and Personal Benefits 

I normally put a teaspoon of two mushroom powders in my smoothie daily. Apart from it being bitter, it is not challenging to consume. While I have seen benefits after starting using these powders, I cannot say for sure that they are driving all of these benefits. However, I firmly believe that mushrooms have many potential benefits, and regularly consume mushrooms in extract and natural form. Since it is important to have a diverse diet, diversifying my fungi intake could be immensely beneficial for my body. A general theme of nutrition is that consuming more natural, whole foods is good for you, giving me another reason to continue using these powders.

Final Thoughts

Even if you cannot directly purchase from Blissfit Foods in another country, if you are interested, I recommend finding a good provider and trying out mushroom extracts. You likely do not need to keep using the product if you feel no changes in a few weeks or months. However, if you feel changes or you believe in the benefits of mushrooms, aside from costs, there is no reason not to use the powders, especially for the potential positives. As a caveat, you can be healthy without taking mushroom powders and by eating a healthy diet, but I always try to optimize my nutrition as much as possible to enhance my recovery.