The type of coffee I drink daily is called Bulletproof coffee. I mentioned this coffee in a sleep post that discussed how caffeine could not replace deep restorative sleep. While coffee cannot be that beneficial, drinking a HEALTHY amount of coffee has various positive effects. John Hopkins Medicine produced an article called “9 Reasons Why (the Right Amount of) coffee is good for you” explains that it can strengthen your liver, less like heart failure, and produce energy faster. There are many other benefits, but these three give you an idea of how healthy coffee can be if it is consumed in healthy amounts. 

What makes bulletproof coffee different from other types of coffee? The ingredients of this coffee include coffee brewed using a standard method. I use coffee beans from illy. Next ingredient is one to two tablespoons of organic and grass-fed butter or ghee (I use organic grass-fed ghee). The final ingredient is a good-sourced form of MCT oil (I use Brain Octane C8 MCT oil which is a concentrated version of MCT oil). Following this, you can use a spoon or a blender (a blender being better) to mix all the ingredients in a coffee mug. MCT oil is a type of fat that can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream to give you a fast energy source in the form of ketones. Ketones are another form of energy that does not use carbohydrates or calories. Some studies have shown promising results, but after I started using this blend of coffee, I felt so much more energy. Ghee is a rich source of healthy fats, antioxidants, and vitamins. Butter (if organic and grass-fed) contains a lower amount of healthy fats than ghee. This coffee uses many healthy fats to provide energy which is why I like this type of coffee more than others.

The one problem many people have with this type of coffee is that it does have fats that, if eaten in excess, may have side effects such as weight gain. I discovered that this type of coffee is most effective when combined with a diet or lifestyle that does not contain too many carbohydrates. I eat little amounts of unhealthy processed foods, so I do not consume too many carbohydrates and have been attempting to consume more healthy fats. I also pair this coffee with adequate amounts of exercise and hydration. Together, these three additions to drinking bulletproof coffee ensure that I utilize the energy given from these healthy fats and do not store excess energy as fat. Since I exercise frequently, I do not worry about the calories gained from adding fat to the coffee. You should be wary if you are consuming too many calories throughout the day and you may want to get a doctor’s recommendation before using this coffee if you are considered overweight. 

A blog from the Fix called “The Benefits and How-To Guide of Bulletproof Coffee” gives some benefits of bulletproof coffee, some suggestions on how to prepare, and an explanation of why the body needs healthy fats. The benefits include better mood, increased energy (as it combines caffeine, MCT oil, and organic butter or ghee), improved metabolism and weight loss (if consumed appropriately), increased brain function/power, and improved strength. I can attest to these benefits as I have experienced them myself. I want to mention that many people state this type of coffee is a breakfast replacement. I consume bulletproof coffee with breakfast, so I do not use this coffee as a breakfast replacement. I can’t entirely agree with this claim because it does not provide all of the essential nutrients I gain from eating a nutritional breakfast.

I have been drinking this coffee daily for the last three to four months and can say that I have gained numerous benefits from drinking this coffee. After clarifying that this coffee could not impair you in any way, I would recommend making this coffee due to the extensive positives. Hopefully, you consider this information as it is my favorite coffee by far.