Recently, I have been using a yoga ball to create more diversity in my oblique workout routine. Currently, I am focusing on strengthening my entire core (as much as possible) to continue improving my posture and taking more pressure off my back and hips. At the moment, the combination of weakness and tightness is leading to overcompensation in these regions that I would like to try changing. In this blog, I will briefly cover six exercises demonstrated in a video and give you my current favorite exercise to build strengths in my obliques

6 Stability Ball Oblique Exercises

For this sub-section, I will be using a video from Fit Gent called ‘6 Stability Ball Oblique Exercises,’ which provides an easy video that you can follow to learn how to complete the exercises. The first exercise is the Russian twist, which involves you lying on your back on a yoga ball and twisting in each direction. The second exercise is an alternating side crunch, which involves doing half a sit-up on both sides. The third exercise is an alternating knee tuck, requiring you to tuck your knees to the side of each oblique. The fourth exercise is a side plank on the yoga ball. The fifth exercise, wipers, involves you holding the yoga ball with your legs and rotating on each side. This is the most difficult exercise, and I will provide a variation I am using instead. The final exercise is another version of the side crunch and utilizes different positions of feet against the wall from the previous alternating side crunch.

Personal Lying Oblique Twist Variation

I cannot find a video for this specific exercise, but I will do my best to explain. The closest thing I can find is this video called ‘Swiss Ball Lying Oblique Twist,’ similar to the wipes seen in the previous video but a bit easier due to the legs being bent instead of straightened. The variation I prefer, because I find this exercise difficult, is to put the yoga ball on the ground in front of you, but instead of lifting it in the air with your legs, put your legs on top of the yoga ball. With your legs on the yoga ball, twist to each side to activate the obliques. You will likely also feel this exercise in the legs as you must keep your legs on the ball the whole time. I recommend working until you can do the more challenging wipes version.

Final Thoughts

Working on each core region, including your oblique muscles, is essential for overall balance, posture, and strength. This helps to overload pressure on your hips and back to reduce tightness and increase comfort in these areas. Each time I exercise, I do some core exercise for at least 15 minutes. Hopefully, this blog was helpful for you to have more variety in your oblique exercise routine. If you have not already begun working out this area, it can significantly benefit your livelihood, so start now!