Following any exercise routine, it is vital for you to help your body as much as possible get ready for the next day. For any person to do the exercise I have seen that people eat protein, drink loads of water, and do stretches to maintain flexibility and to prevent tightness from building up in muscles, joints, and bones. For me, every morning I ensure to stretch my whole body and stand on a vibration plate to increase blood circulation in the morning. I also quickly roll out my entire body because it makes sure that I am acting as well as I can throughout the day.

The concept that recovery based stretches and habits apply to everyone and ensures the least inflamed state of your body. I am sure this has many mental, physical, and relationship-related connections to your body, which you will undeniably notice no matter your situation. However, there are many individual muscle groups that make seem time-consuming which becomes a problem when you are on a time crunch. Keep in mind that any type of recovering whether it is when you wake up, perform physical activity, or before going to sleep it helps profoundly.

In my mornings, I spend one-minute standing on the vibration machine, two-minutes stretching my calf muscles, and two minutes vibrating my back. Without doing these things in the morning I feel tight already which is exactly what I am trying to avoid on a daily basis. I spend approximately two minutes rolling out my back which is then followed by brief rolling out of my whole body. I also several calf stretchers throughout my house giving me more time to stretch my legs and help my body feel as good as possible.

After any workout, I will spend time in a heated sauna to relax my muscles and vibrate my whole body for a few minutes to try and boost the recovery that my body has. I also make sure to intake protein in the form of bars, smoothies, and or in relativity high foods with protein. While there has yet to be any scientific recoveries on Muscular dystrophy patients having enhanced recovery with more protein it could never hurt. To provide your muscle with correct nutrients is crucial which a healthy diet can assist profoundly with.

In future blog posts, I will elaborate on several different methods to help sustain your bodies in the morning, following exercises, and before going to sleep. However, the most difficult part about the situation is maintaining the habit of long-term effects. Even if it is five minutes a day, the time will add up by the end of the year and it will prevent more muscle damage and maybe even lead to slight muscle growth. Another technique is to identify the tighter spots in your body and focus on those areas for stretching since people do not always have enough time.

There are many different supplements that can be taken to assist in the recovery of the muscles. Nutritional meals can give natural nutrients that will boost recovery in individuals providing a wide variety of actions that can prompt positive development in your body.