As you may know, the biceps are the muscle in your arm that attaches to the shoulder muscles and elbow attachment. Any time your elbow flexes or moves, you use your bicep curls showing how you use it most of the day. Even writing or typing things on your computer slightly uses the bicep muscle. While most people only think of bicep curls with weights, rubber bands are another effective method to use this muscle. Bicep curls isolate the bicep muscle but can increase strength in the triceps, back, forearms, and shoulder muscles. Other exercises do use the bicep muscle, so make sure you do not get to a point of exhaustion. With the bicep curls exercise, I feel more confident in myself and can do more physical activities as it strengthens

SKLZ video on “Resistance Band Bicep Curls” shows you exactly how to perform this exercise with rubber bands. With your one or two feet, you stand on the rubber band and grab the ends with your hands (if it is too light you can grab further into the band but do not push too far). You will then slowly pull your hand with the rubber band up to your bicep until it touches. I want you to hold that position for four seconds and then quickly drop your arm to the beginning position. Since slowly going down is eccentric, I want you to avoid that step altogether and quickly drop your hand. During this exercise, tighten your core and glutes to prevent any pain/damage in the back area. I traditionally complete 3 sets for 15 reps, but you can complete less or more as long as you do not feel pain in that bicep area.

The Nest produced an article called “Why Are Bicep Curls Important,” discussing reasons to do bicep curls. The bicep curls have many muscle-toning benefits in the arm area. Your biceps are highly visible muscles explaining why having stronger arms enhances your confidence. By having a more toned and defined look in your arms, you will not only appear better but also feel stronger. Any activity that includes movement in your arms will thank you for completing this exercise. Along with working the biceps, this exercise works many other muscles that are not traditionally strengthened. For example, there are many muscles in your forearm, attached to your wrist, and by the elbow joint that is not normally worked out in traditional exercises. Even though you move your elbow joint many times through the day it probably is not increasing the muscle mass in that area. Bicep curls enable you to improve the quality of those muscles having a variety of non-direct benefits.

Another reason why bicep curls are vital is that the muscles and movements used in the exercise are functional in many aspects of your life. By increasing muscle mass, keeping the muscle activity, and performing a safe exercise the rubber band version of bicep curls is one of the greatest things you can do for your arms. By increasing muscle in the area, your shoulders can help maintain a proper posture which would help align your back and prevent tightness from accumulating in your body. The bicep curl is also efficient as you can complete the activity pretty quickly and have a great workout for your arms. With the several muscle groups, it touches, it can revolutionize your life by positively influencing numerous things. In my experience, bicep curls allow me to do many things that I could never do before. I highly encourage people to have this exercise due to the sheer measure of profits.