The Bodyblade was designed as a rehabilitation tool to improve blood circulation, improve muscle strength, and enhance muscle mobility. It is a fantastic way to stimulate your various upper body muscles in around a five to minute workout a few times a week. I have been using it for the last few years, and it helped my shoulder recover from moderate shoulder pain that I had been experiencing for a while. Due to the way Bodyblade is made, it adapts to your performance level, ensuring that it does not cause unnecessary injuries. In this blog, I will describe how Bodyblade works, some exercises you can do with Bodyblade (there is always more online), and a list of the extensive benefits stemming from this equipment. Before I begin, I would recommend using this device as fantastic and safe.

USA Home Gyms article called “Bodyblade Review: Does it Work? Compare Classic, Cxt, and Pro Kits” describes the science behind the device. Bodyblade rapidly contracts and forces you to stabilize your body with the core. The lightweight bar can contract your muscles up to 270 times per minute. If you put more force on the bar, it will get more intense and require more from your muscles. Since you can modulate how hard you want the resistance to be and can stop whenever you feel exhausted, the device gives whoever uses its control over their workout. Additionally, there are three different types of Bodyblade, each of which all work in the same regard but have minor differences. I would recommend purchasing the classic body blade or CXT for muscular dystrophy patients as it requires less strain. 

BSR Physical Therapy’s “Bodyblade shoulder rehabilitation exercises” speaks about three exercises called Bodyblade abduction, IR/ER, and overhead. The next video is from Body Blade company itself called “Bodyblade®: Super 6”, discussing the device’s six foundational exercises. These exercises include chest press, back and shoulder read, ab crunch, tricep push, bicep tricep trimmer, and hip and Thigh Sculptor. I would recommend following the video, but please avoid all squats as you perform this exercise. You can put a slight bend in your legs but do not overexert yourself in this program. There are so many other exercises out there that you can research more. I must emphasize not to do any exercises that force you to overexert yourself. When I use Bodyblade, I find other movements attempting to utilize every part of my upper body. You must flex your core the entire time and flex any muscles you are working on as much as possible for an excellent workout. 

Using the article from USA Home Gym, discusses the many benefits of using the Bodyblade blade. The main advantage is that it allows you to tighten and tone muscles in your chest, arms, back, shoulders, and core. This allows you to slowly build up strength and endurance or keep the muscles active to reduce muscle deterioration. Since you are improving your stability muscles, your posture will improve, reducing the likelihood of you injuring yourself. My favorite part about the Bodyblade is that it gives me a safe method to activate my arm muscles. The emphasis on endurance will improve the cardiovascular system, help circulate blood flow, and help you recover from any stress to your heart. The device can quickly work out a majority of your upper body, making it incredibly valuable to add to any routine. Bodyblade enabled me to improve core stability, reduce back pain, and improve various muscles in my upper body, guaranteeing that I feel amazing. I hope you can purchase this device and reap the same rewards.