Fitness trampolines are something I began using in the morning as a quick cardiovascular exercise to get my blood flowing throughout the body. Even since I started using the trampoline, I have had better endurance, feel great overall as I exercise almost first thing in the morning every day, have better balance and coordination. In this post, I will go over some more benefits that can be expected with the device, but understand that it has made me feel incredible only after doing it daily for a few weeks. The fitness trampoline I have been using is the Model 350 fitness trampoline with a handlebar I purchased with the device. I believe this is one of the greatest devices for people with muscular dystrophy because it is pretty easy to bounce or joy on this trampoline and gives you a full-body workout. In addition to benefits, I will explain some safe exercise variations that you could complete with a fitness trampoline.

For the benefits of the fitness trampoline, I will be referencing Jumping Singapore’s article “The Tremendous Health Benefits of Jumping On A Trampoline.” Bouncing on the fitness trampoline exercises every part of the body. There is an acceleration and deceleration phase when you jump or bounce, and gravity constantly exerting force on your body. This force repeatedly flexes and relaxes all the muscles, which ends up toning the entire muscular system. The higher the jump, the more force is being applied to your body which means that your muscles are being used and impacted more. The fact that simple bouncing or jumping can work every part of the body explains why I love this device so much. In addition to all the muscles being influenced during bouncing, all 37 trillion cells in your body move as well. Cells are responsible for every single thing in the body. You do not have to understand how cells work, but know that you need them to survive, and strengthening them helps you thrive even more. Another benefit is increased bone density and health. Bones allow us to move every day, and some people with muscular dystrophy have weaker bones leading to reduced balance, arthritis, and general pain in the body.

Following the benefit for the bones, jumping enhances the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system helps remove toxins from the body. Thus, the ability to improve lymphatic circulation to detoxify the body is another factor demonstrating how fantastic a fitness trampoline can be for you. One other benefit of jumping is that it can improve the immune system to reduce illness and prevent infection and diseases. Since muscular dystrophy impairs the immune system, the fitness trampoline can help mitigate the effects of the condition. Also, jumping improves posture, balance, and coordination. Improving these three areas enables you to remain upright instead of hunched over and reduces the risk of injury from falling over. Additionally, jumping can strengthen eye muscles leading to better eyesight. Some other benefits include increased lung capacity and oxygen intake, increased weight loss, improved blood circulation, and improved mental capacity/health. Each benefit I have covered from jumping can significantly alter your life for the better, so please purchase this device for your wellbeing. 

Now, how should you safely exercise with this device? You can do jumping jacks, single-leg bounces, bounces with both legs, jogging, or vertical jumps. With vertical jumps, you can do this with a straight leg or bend your leg a little (do whatever you feel comfortable with). When I use the fitness trampoline in the morning, I will do a few vertical jumps and then jog for twenty minutes. During the exercise, I try breathing in for six seconds and breathing out for six seconds to help improve my endurance and lung capacity. For people with muscular dystrophy, remember never to exhaust yourself during this exercise. I would recommend that anyone should purchase this fitness trampoline as it is safe and has widespread benefits for your body. Take the initiative of buying this device to assist your body significantly!