Over the last few months, I have started using sandals from Nomadic State of Mind. The sandals are made out of recycled materials such as hemp, rope, and upcycled sails. The shoes also use Vibram soles. Vibram uses a unique combination of foam and rubber to create an outsole with the softness and springiness of foam and the durability and traction of rubber. The people who make these sandals put in dedication and love to their work, which first had me hooked on using these sandals. The sandals are not only environmentally friendly, and there is so much effort put into them, unlike the process many of the large shoe corporations use today. 

Now, what other reasons do I have to wear these sandals? As I have mentioned in many posts regarding the feet, numerous people worldwide have collapsing arches. For people with muscular dystrophy, the muscles that usually keep this arch in place are tight and weak. This accounts for more severe foot problems that affect the entire body as people rely on their feet every day. Copious amounts of people have collapsed arches and other postural foot problems. Many shoes have excessive pillowing and do not allow the foot to operate correctly. Due to this, many people use orthotics or foot braces to keep their feet working properly. Sadly, the pillow-like surface on sneakers, orthotics, and foot braces stop the muscles in your feet from actively working. This does not engage the muscles, which causes weakness and tightness in the foot area. 

The good thing about these sandals is that they do not have pillowing, are still soft, and allow your feet to feel the ground. As you walk in the sandals, all the muscles in your feet help adjust to the change in surfaces. The strengthening of the feet helps combat postural problems in your feet. Fixing the feet is a complicated process and also requires measures to help reduce tightness, such as massaging, foot strengthening exercises, and stretching. While you are trying to fix the feet, you should not stop using any orthotic or equipment that keeps your foot in the correct position. I see the equipment as a bridge as you attempt to correct your foot outside of wearing any orthotic or foot brace. In addition to allowing your feet to strengthen, the sandals enable you to feel the air outside. Having the air on your feet feels nice, and I am sure there must be some benefits to keeping your feet in the fresh air. Also, one component of the sandals is hemp. Hemp oil has gained widespread popularity for many benefits, which means there could be positive effects of wearing shoes partly made out of hemp.

I usually wear these sandals when I go on a daily walk each day for about thirty minutes. I will walk on rocks, grass, the road, and any paths. I do this so my feet can experience different surfaces to strengthen various muscles in my feet. I will occasionally wear these sandals when I go outside for any reason; however, I try to wear my orthotics with sneakers as much as possible too. Doing this keeps my foot doctor happy and allows me to strengthen the muscles to correct the arch on my feet. With this, I massage my feet (using the foot massager device, using a vibrational device, with a massage therapist, and self-massage), complete foot strengthening exercises (that I have spoken about in a previous exercise post), and do many stretches for my legs and feet. 

I hope that my feet will have proper posture one day, and I will no longer have to wear orthotics in my sneakers. The food doctor made it apparent that one day I could use a full foot brace if I have trouble walking in the future due to a collapsed arch or an inability to lift my foot off the ground when I walk. While I appreciate his advice, I believe that I can do things to stop this scenario from ever occurring in my life. Even if I do not achieve this goal of not wearing orthotics, doing these things can help my feet in numerous ways and hopefully keep me walking for the rest of my life. When I began working on my feet, I noticed that helping my feet has helped other areas of my body. I noticed that It was easier to have better posture walking and sitting. On top of that, I have found it easier to balance and have less tightness in my feet. I highly recommend purchasing these sandals and starting other protocols to help your feet and body experience the same benefits I have witnessed in my life.