Orthotics are inserts that you can put into your shoes that aim to change how your feet are aligned. As you already know, your feet have any purpose, but the biggest one is walking. Surprisingly people do not understand how impactful your feet are when you walk. Many people today buy shoes that have no support, but only look cool and are incredibly comfortable. There has growth towards a lack of emphasis on the importance your feet have for your body and everyday life. As someone who has used orthotics for the last two years, I wanted to give my opinion on the topic and explain its benefits.

A foot doctor at UCLA recommended to try and orthotics and have hard shoes that can protect my feet. My physical therapist supplied me with a somewhat soft orthotic that elevated the balls of my feet, and my foot alignment would slowly crush my feet in the future. They recommended that I progressively wear them, but they made my feet feel so much more comfortable that I never stopped wearing them. We also bought sturdy shoes that I wore my first orthotic, which was the only hard adjustment I had. My massage and physical therapists noticed a postural difference, energy difference, less tightness in the back and hip area, and could walk longer distances.

After the next visit to that same doctor, he wanted a different orthotic, so I went to a foot doctor who supplied me with an orthotic made out of carbon fiber. The website for my doctor ir Ortho Rehab Designs. The blog post is the picture of the orthotic that has padding on the heel and sides, elevated the ball of my feet, and various other things that I do not entirely understand. Although I experience that it feels far different than usual, yet to me, it is the most comfortable position for my feet. Instead of using hard, structured new balance shoes, I found comfier shoes that had some support, but the orthotic supported it enough that I could use comfier shoes. I wear my orthotics every day, but it is hard to find shoes that can fit the orthotic as it is much bigger than my first one.

My Achilles tendon and feet have always been extremely tight and account for some issues I have when I walk. When I began using these orthotics, my life changed completely. I had a better posture, more energy, less tightness throughout my body, can walk comfortably, and improved my balance by stopping me from falling over. With everything that introduced with the orthotic, there are various positive things that I cannot even begin to explain.

I would recommend that everyone tried wearing orthotics as comfortable shoes today take the stress away from the best alignment. If you notice the position of someone’s feet when they are walking, most people walk with their feet to the side or inwards. Your foot should stay straight the whole time you are walking, which the orthotics enabled me to do instantly. If the orthotics improve the position of your feet, it indicates that it is working, and this simple thing can change anyone’s life.

You should use a doctor-designed orthotic, which is explained by neu.foot.com. They reveal that it “[controls] the alignment and function of your foot… [preventing] abnormal motion, or rolling, of the food. By redistributing the pressure on the bottom of your feet, [it reduces] discomfort, pain, and calluses.” Inserts that you can purchase do not have the same potential as molded ones do and require a professional to fit you. The foot doctor explained the importance of maintaining the alignment of your feet because it controls many things in your body. Most importantly, it enhances balance and prevents significant injury in the future, allowing you to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the longest time.

My experiences with orthotics and benefits revealed from websites, display that everybody should wear them. I believe everyone should wear them because it prevents the destruction of your feet as you age and provides various influences that can revolutionize anyone’s life. Find the orthotic that suits you and makes you feel more comfortable, but does not create pain. Find a shoe that works with your body and does not have any support and only looks great. Make sure you find a professional that can give you an orthotic of the optimal quality so you can feel the same benefits I have had.