Gapingvoid is probably one of the funniest and fantastic ways to help me stay motivated. Gapingvoid is a culture design group that makes drawing/paintings that evoke emotion and facilitate the development of workplace culture. Culture, in this instance, can be thought of as the environment in which the employees work. To me, these images are humorous and straightforward, yet evoke a profound message. My dad has worked with this group and described to me how they make culture walls to embody the values the entire workplace wants to emphasize. Honestly, the purpose of this company is amazing because they try and make a more positive work environment in which everyone is motivated to work and be happy. I thought the best thing to do would be for me to analyze their images from my perspectives and explain how it makes me feel.

“I work” + “we do” @gapingvoid:

The above image may appear to be a blue triangle next to a circle of triangles, but it has a far deeper meaning. As you can see, the words say “I work,” and we “do,” which displays how people do better when they work united as a group instead of doing individual work. At various times, people lose sight of the positive outcomes that can come from working as a team by believing that they are better than everyone else and do not need assistance from others. While it is important to do independent work and studies, it is also valuable to collaborate with a team to ensure the most favorable outcome. This makes me feel that it is okay to depend on others while still maintaining a sense of independence. It is okay to accept help from someone because you do not do everything alone. I have always had trouble telling people that I have had this condition to relate to my personal experience. I once thought that it was better to keep things on my own, but I have told my close friends who are incredibly supportive to this day. Similar to Peace Love Studios, art makes people happy and evokes a deep meaning and conversation that some people may deem as challenging.

“No one is going to pick you” + “pick yourself” @gapingvoid:

This next image may look like a crazy creature and scribbles above their heads, but if you look deeper into it, it is far more meaningful. The comment on the left that states, “no one is going to pick you” is a negative one while “pick yourself” is a positive one. The darkness above the head shows how negativity will only lead to sadness and depression; that is how most people think. You have to be positive, which explains why the monster on the right has colorful thoughts above his head. Being optimistic is the best way to live your life because your kindness makes others happy and makes you productive. When I was 12 and found out I had this condition, I was the creature on the left. I adapted to my situation and found the positives out of life and have found a path to happiness. While I could have remained in a dreary state, I did what all humans must: adapt. Remaining positive will not only make you happier but makes your life meaningful and enables you to have to impact society. STAY POSITIVE YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

“Find something you love to do” @gapingvoid:

This next image describes that you make life worthwhile; you have to find something you love to do and do it for the rest of your life. I occasionally hear people complaining about the jobs that they choose. Everyone should find the job that they find fulfilling and do it for the rest of your life. Happiness should be seen as a necessity for each individual because everyone deserves it. When you discover something you enjoy, use it to ensure the betterment of the society that you are in to help people around you. For me, writing these blog posts is enjoyable and gives me a way to finally speak about my situation that I have always had trouble doing. I believe the compilation of the information in the form of a blog post will help at least one person and is why I am doing it.

These numerous images each have a hidden message attempting to make people happy and ensure the productivity of people. It should give an example of what you can view to make yourself ecstatic or begin making paintings similar to this. Pictures do not have to be complicated like Leonardo da Vinci, but as long as they make you happy, nothing should stop you from making them. I thank Gapingvoid for the number of laughs they have given me and the impacts that the images have had me. I hope this blog post shows another way to retain happiness and have the motivation, but also shows you how something perceived as simple can have such a tremendous impact.