Deep Blue Rub is probably one of the best massage creams I have ever come across. My old massage therapist used this cream multiple times and sometimes used standard essential oils instead. Deep blue has essential oils, natural plant extracts, and additional ingredients that demonstrate how useful the cream is, giving numerous reasons to choose this massage cream over other ones. I typically use the massage cream when I am self-treating myself. The cream makes it easier to massage me and does not require much effort as it quickly soaks into your body. In this blog, I aim to describe the best ingredients and their benefits, giving proof as to why it is currently the best massage cream.

The doTERRA website explains that powerful ingredients and essential oils account for the effectiveness of the massage cream. It is perfect for athletes because it helps your muscles recover but also makes your skin soft and not greasy (most other massage creams are greasy, explaining why I do not like them). After performing any physical activity or activity that stresses your muscles, this is another factor that can prevent damage because the ingredient enhance recovery/oxygenation to that muscle area. They also explain that it proves a cooling and soothing sensation, helping your mind and body relax. The last thing doTERRA clarifies is that various therapists use this cream due to its positive influence on the body.

Osmanthus is a widely known herb that improves skin, detoxifies the body (with its various antioxidants), reduces saliva in the throat, and boosts lung function. Improving your skin’s quality prevents you from having acne, which has shown to reduce confidence in individuals. If you have the best possible skin, it demonstrates that you are healthy, making you indirectly happy and enabling you to have more friends/connections (appearance is everything). The detoxification of the body prevents free radicals from harming your body as they impede the cells’ development and survival. The reduction of saliva in your throat prevents sicknesses and infections that impact your lifestyle. The boosting of lung function enables you to breathe better, gain more oxygen, and circulate oxygen throughout your body effectively. As muscular dystrophy can impact lung function/breathing patterns, it displays how essential this product is for your body. Since deep blue is a massage cream that you cannot drink, massaging various areas in your body gives the benefits I described above.

People use wintergreen leaf to treat headaches, nerve pain, arthritis, digestion problems, lung conditions, inflammation, muscle pain, fever, and kidney problems. The best part about the leaf is its ability to reduce inflammation as muscular dystrophy inflames muscles and organs in your body. Inflammation can result in more stress in the body leading to headaches and other inflammatory symptoms. The digestive system’s improvement enables you to correctly digest food to absorb all the nutrients that are vital to the growth, function, and recovery of the body. Since various systems connect the body, it is critical to keep as many of them functioning productively to prevent sicknesses, pain, and induce recovery. Finally, individuals use the herb to reduce muscle soreness. The herb acts as a counterirritant, “causing irritation that reduces pain and swelling in the underlying tissue,” ensuring recovery for everything in the body.

Helichrysum has many positives; however, I want to focus on that fact that is has a calming/soothing properties and enhances metabolism and the immune system. Throughout the day, people experience stresses that have physiological reactions due to how stress influences hormones. It is important to relax as it creates an environment to recover from a long day’s work. If the hormones from stress build-up, your body cannot function properly and may even begin harming your body to express how it needs to rest. The relaxation of muscles reduces tightness and enables stretches to be far more effective. If you take this product, you may notice that you can relax, intensifying the recovery that takes place during sleep. In addition to calming your body, the herb improves the immune system.As you know, the immune system is in charge of fighting against sicknesses, inflammation, etc. in a time of a pandemic, Deep Blue is even more necessary explaining why you need to purchase this product. You would think the benefits would stop there, but no because the enhancement of metabolism is incredible. Metabolism is the name for the processes in your body that enable you to live.

Due to the various products in Deep Blue that show profound influences, I cannot see why you would not use the product if you could. My experience with the product depicts how impactful the product can be if you integrate into your life. My muscles can relax efficiently, and my systems in the body can work productively. The three ingredients I described are examples of the great components in the product explaining to you why I must share this product. I hope you buy the product to experience the same benefits I have felt for the last few years.