The ski machine is another excellent form of concentric exercise that improves overall endurance, works the shoulders and back, uses core for stabilization, and a slight bend of the knees technically works your legs/glutes. The ski machine utilizes the form of skiing without the stress of wearing the shoes. The last time I skied, I did not know I had muscular dystrophy, which resulted in my legs cramping so much. This machine is the next best thing, and I use the tool in Lifetime gym (although due to the pandemic, I have not used it in a long time). 

I typically use the concept two rowing machine, which has a normal section that involves the motions, or you can play a game to motivate yourself to do the activity longer. When you are on the machine, the first thing you should do is position your feet straight near the end of the machine’s standing area. You will then use both your hands to grab the handles and pull it down to reduce the tension before using it. Using your hands, you pull the handles to the lower side of your back while slightly bending your knees. Try to keep your arms at roughly a 90-degree angle. You can pull the handles to the left and right to work your obliques or in the center of you to work on that center core. I usually do three sets, each worth a minute. This video, by concept 2, gives a visual representation of what I was explaining. The only thing I would avoid is standing on your toes as that tightens your calf muscles. 

Live Strong explains various benefits from the ski machine in an article called “Benefits of an Exercise Ski Machine.” They explain that the aerobic/cardiovascular exercise that controls weight, burns calories, strengthens the heart, and lowers the blood pressure. The heart obviously can be impacted as a muscular dystrophy patient, so it is essential to make sure it is in its healthiest state, and the lower blood pressure takes the pressure off of your heart to prevent damage. It is considered a form of weight-bearing exercise, but it is incredible for you due to the exercise’s concentric state. Honestly, you can change the levels of the ski machine to ensure that it is not heavy for you (for me, it is not heavy at the highest). It is excellent to maintain/strengthen bone density to prevent breaking bones when you fall over. Since people with muscular dystrophy are more prone to falling over, this is a great way to avoid a critical condition following your tumble.

Ski Machines are a full-body workout because, as I explained before, it utilizes arm, back, and leg movement/muscles. This ensures that you work every part of your body, playing the role of doing something, but nothing that stresses your muscles. The low-impact form of the exercise prevents muscle damage that may come from running, for example. Surprisingly enough, the synchronized movement of the leg, back, and arms improves coordination. The coordination ensures that you have great balance and prevent frequent injuries from falling over. The benefits I see are that it tones my entire body and improves my endurance to continue swimming and doing other forms of physical activity. In combination with walking, swimming, rowing, and biking, these several machines would be all you need to have a healthy lifestyle as it works your entire body thoroughly. 

The concentric and low-impact exercise is a perfect way to perform physical activities for people with muscular dystrophy. I can ensure it will dramatically improve your ability to live each day as it makes you feel better by producing hormones and toning muscles. The confidence I gained from completing this exercise is why I can drag myself out of bed every day. I continuously learn that there are many ways to work your body without the use of weight. I assure you that you can have a healthy body with various interventions to keep your muscles strong (to a degree within muscular dystrophy boundaries) and healthy. Please look into using the numerous concentric exercises to transform your life into something you have pride in. I would recommend the ski machine directly because of how easy it is to use and how greatly beneficial is consistently shows to be.