The Bemer is an FDA-approved device with several studies displaying how it improves blood flow and circulation throughout the body. The BEMER website says that it uses a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) to deliver a “patented therapeutic signal” throughout your body. Whenever I am on the Bemer, I slowly feel more energy flow through me as the device oxygenates my body. The oxygenation ensures that I recover throughout sleep and spend more time in the REM stage of sleep. I either use the equipment when I wake up early before school (to wake me up and infuse me with energy) or before I go to bed (in which it approves blood flow making it easier to do things that relax me and fall asleep). There are so many benefits that I can feel each time I use it, demonstrating why I typically use it one to two times each day. 

“Oxygenated red blood cells carry oxygen and nutrients through the arteries and capillaries to all organs of the body.” After it supplies oxygen and nutrients to the cells, it takes carbon dioxide and waste products, which the veins process. The oxygenation and nutrients that happen make sure your organs, such as your heart, work to maximum capacity. As you know, there are many processes throughout your body, including cardiovascular, muscular, respiratory, and digestive systems, that muscular dystrophy can impact. Bemer helps your organs work well; therefore, countering side effects from muscular dystrophy. Since your body’s systems are becoming healthier, you can perform more physical activities with more endurance, strength, and active recovery.

There is a traditional mat that Bemer uses providing benefits throughout the entire body, but you can also buy add-ons to the device to target a specific area. Say, for example, you had a muscle cramp or pain in your leg. If you focus on your leg with one of the add ons to target the area, it will increase blood flow and enhance muscle recovery. Your leg would be able to recover faster without injuring your muscles (which comes from having muscular dystrophy in the first place). As more studies come out that are aiming to help muscular dystrophy patients produce dystrophin, this can help utilize dystrophin to its highest levels. In combination with several other methods to improve/work on your body, BEMER is a fantastic way to assist you even more. 

Back 2 Normal Physical Therapy wrote an article called “Bemer Therapy,” giving a more extensive description of the abundant benefits. Overall, it improved circulation and cardiovascular health, improved nutrient supply to all body’s tissue, optimizes physical fitness, endurance, and strength, better recovery from sports activities, higher energy levels, enhanced concentration and academic performance, better stress reduction, support for weight loss and detox programs, and improving quality of one’s life. It is exceptionally beneficial to those with chronic or acute musculoskeletal pain, low back, neck, or joint pain, fatigue or low energy, poor sleep, weak recovery, and declining athletic performance. Several studies not mentioned in this article show how cortisol levels (stress hormone) reduce testosterone levels and useful testosterone. Testosterone controls muscle growth, physical performance, and sleep ability giving another reason to use the BEMER.

On top of the numerous benefits, BEMER is affordable, easy to use, and easy to transport. You can take it wherever you travel, permitting you do enjoy the benefits anywhere. A study shows that spending two eight-minute sessions on the BEMER daily influences your body. Spending such a little amount of time to improve your body gives you no reason not to make use of it. As an approved medical device by the FDA, it is entirely safe, providing no opposition to purchasing it. My parents and I can say that BEMER is incredible, so I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their body’s whole status.