Rubber bands are the closest thing to weight lifting that are extremely safe for people with muscular dystrophy to use. Rubber bands utilize the concentric and isometric portion of an exercise and enable you to be in the eccentric movement without creating any damage quickly. Rubber bands are useful for any activity where you may be using bodyweight to enhance the workout. Rubber bands focus on toning the muscle but can increase muscle mass efficiently. Different levels of rubber bands give various weights that increase muscle mass within your body. I would say that rubber bands are the best device for muscular dystrophy as it adds difficulty to the exercise without promoting muscle damage.

I have been using rubber bands for the last four years and have noticed excellent muscle gain, heightened endurance, and greater control over my body. Rubber band exercises require more balance than weighted equipment, which works to enhance your body’s entire performance. It increases your ability to balance by using stabilizing muscles such as the core to assist any exercise with rubber bands. Rubber bands are also great to recover from an injury if that ever ends up happening to you.

Mirafit created an article called “Top 10 Resistance Band Benefits,” covering reasons for using resistance bands. One benefit is that your muscles are under constant tension, meaning that you can work several muscles simultaneously for an extended time. The continuous stress creates the isometric aspect of the exercise that makes it practical for muscular dystrophy people. While the article does not say this, rubber bands focus on more reps of that exercise. More reps for the exercise leads to improved endurance, improved balance, and more significant muscle gain with the concentric movement. Mirafit mentions that you need to control the exercises, so far more effort is put into each exercise, employing as many muscles as possible quickly.

Rubber bands make you focus on the correct form and position of the exercise since it forces you to control each movement. This guarantees that you do not accidentally harm your body and suppresses how damaging it is in comparison to weights. Another thing that is fantastic about rubber bands is that it puts less stress on your joints and strengthens them to prevent later joint pain. They are also great alternatives to machines that sometimes restrict movement and account for more considerable muscle damage. Rubber bands are far easier to transport because they are lightweight. You can work out anywhere to maintain your body’s strength due to ease in which you can travel with it (whenever I travel out of the United States I take resistance bands with me). The last thing I would like to mention is that they work muscles throughout your body to ensure that you do not leave one muscle group behind. Since you need to keep every muscle active with muscular dystrophy, rubber bands are essential to enhance your lifestyle.

The significant strength you will gain from the rubber bands results in better posture and increases your ability to perform activities in your daily life. Since it does not lead to much muscle breakdown, you will not be sore from your workouts being fantastic for this muscle-wasting condition. Exercising with rubber bands improves your confidence, enabling you to perform more activities and enjoy your life more. It also works to release hormones that make you feel happier and reduces stress to a considerable extent. Due to the benefits and focus on concentric/isometric movements, rubber bands are the best addition to your exercise routine and have revolutionary influences.

I would suggest looking into buying rubber bands and researching possible exercises you can do instead of waiting for further blog posts regarding it. Although, it is essential to ensure that you slowly perform the concentric movement, hold the isometric movement for a few seconds, and then quickly release the eccentric movement if you want to take further precautions to these exercises. My experiences have shown how useful the introduction of resistance bands are into any exercise program. Rubber bands can perform almost any exercise that you can think of, but you should still be extremely careful.