The VIA Survey of Character Strengths is scientifically proven to identify your five major strengths out of twenty-four. When I took the test, I agreed with my various strengths as I feel that it resonated with me. The purpose of completing this test is to identify your strong characteristics. Once you identify them, you can try to integrate them into your life as they enhance your happiness and well-being. When you infuse these character strengths into your life, you reduce your risks of having cardiovascular diseases. Being more optimistic leads to many behavior changes that may have indirect effects that lead to sicknesses or diseases that can impact you dramatically. In my opinion, being positive enhances your satisfaction with life and gives you more determination to be beneficial for various aspects of your lifestyle.

After you take the test on the Authentic Happiness use to further research your strengths. Read the information, and if you feel up to it, answer the question to define better what the character strengths mean to you. Since everyone is in a different situation, it is crucial to understand yourself further as it helps you know what activities you enjoy. Since the website numbers strengths from 1 to 5, I would make sure you believe it is correct and then orient your schedule accordingly.

When I took the test, my top two strengths were kindness and a willingness to love and be loved by others. In my life, I rely on family and friends to make me feel better in a rigid situation, give me advice, and give me general happiness when I am around them. Whenever I am sad, I continuously call my grandpa, aunt, speak with my mother, father, and sister, and speak with friends. For me, doing these things calms me down when the world seems so chaotic and helpless. I also enjoy making my friends and family (but also people I do not know as well or do not understand at all) smile. The knowledge that you made someone smile and brightened their days ensures that I feel that I have had a successful day. As my goal in life is to make people more joyful, it serves as another way to make me see the positives in any situation.

Although, your character strengths can also function as a protective factor to prevent you from being as impacted by adverse events. My 3rd and 4th strengths were curiosity and interest in the world, along with enthusiasm and energy. Traveling and learning more about the world around me has always been an interest of mine. I still see the world as a continuous adventure and try to explore the unknown despite knowing that the world is vast, and there is absolutely no way I can see everything. My reaction to my diagnosis with muscular dystrophy displays how exploration and discovery are prominent in my life. I found new knowledge (that did not exist) to assist me in my journey. Knowing that I was exploring the deep sea with no goggles motivated me to continue my journey to discover as much as I can.

The reliability of the test is remarkable, but the most important thing is that I understand myself more than I did before the test. With knowledge of my strengths, I will substitute time in my day to do these things. After a few days of doing so, I can acknowledge that I feel happier, more focused, and am more satisfied when I am in bed after the eventful day. Before I go to bed, I acknowledge my blessing and the fact that I can flourish by completing activities that I thoroughly enjoy. I hear many stories from adults that they cannot wait for the weekend and spent the week longing for two days. DO NOT WAIT FOR THE WEEKEND. Each day has so many possibilities, so take advantage of them. Do things that you enjoy and correlate with your character strengths because when we feel that we are succeeding in something, we develop confidence and determination to do more with our lives. In short, the VIA test is excellent for enhancing your self-awareness, and focusing on these strengths in your life will make you ever so happy.