The rowing machine has been with me for the last four years and is surprisingly really fun to complete. Rowing machines simulate the rowing motion of people who row in boats making it an incredibly cardiovascular exercise. It focuses on strengthening/leaning your back, shoulders, chest, and leg muscles, but works out the entire body. I believe it is a great exercise, and I continuously try to compete with myself fon fast speeds and score, adding a competitive spirit into the workout. It has dramatically improved my endurance, muscle strength, performance in other physical activities, and an excellent method to suppress stress. I avoid the elliptical machine because I injured myself on one, and the rowing machine is a great alternative.

Rowing machines can come in different sizes, types (the best being hydraulic, air, and hydro resistance), and cost. It is affordable for anyone, and all end up having the same overall benefit for the body. I use the Concept 2 Air Resistance rowing machine and have found that it suits my needs the best. If I row harder, the wind in the machine blows against me, cooling me off, allowing me to keep doing the workout for long periods. My friend has a hydro resistance rowing machine that is also amazing, but I would find the one that you prefer. I would personally recommend the one I have because there are ten different levels of difficulty (I stick to about seven or eight because my father does not want me using the maximum pressure).

Healthlines article called “The Benefits of a Rowing Machine” discusses some benefits of using rowing machines. As I have mentioned before, the rowing machine is a full-body workout. I would recommend spending between ten to thirty minutes on the rowing machine each day for the most substantial influence from the device. It is easy for people of all fitness levels because you can change the machine’s resistance and choose the amount of time you want to use the exercise equipment. For people with muscular dystrophy, as long as you do not exert yourself to exhaustion, there is nothing that should make you worry due to the positive effects of moving the body. Unlike running, the rowing machine puts low stress on your joints enabling you to have a great workout without hurting yourself. It is very relaxing, most likely because it releases endorphins (or happy emotions) that suppress inflammation and stress throughout your body. As a cardiovascular exercise, it keeps the lungs and heart active and healthy, preventing deterioration of the muscle. 

I discovered that it is excellent for weight loss and burning calories within a short amount of time. It helped me combat weight gain following medication and steroids that would have most likely happened if I did not begin the exercise. It improves the endurance of all muscle groups preventing cramping and ensuring that keep every muscle active. Since doctors advise muscular dystrophy patients to exercise but not overexert themselves, the rowing machine is a great way to involve themselves in safe concentric exercises. It is an alternative to chest/back rows and other weight equipment since it is safer not to lift a weight. You will be able to perform more physical activities that can only have positive effects assuming that you stay safe. 

Additionally, Sports Fitness Advisor’s article “20 Amazing Rowing Benefits, According to Science” explains that you can significantly increase core strength due to the need to tighten your core in the exercise to increase movement speed. Another benefit is that this form of exercise increase circulation throughout your body including in your brain, arms, and organs. Doing this has profound effects on the health of the body and allows me to stay energized throughout the day. This circulation and the repetitive stretching in the movements of rowing can help increase the flexibility and mobility of your entire body. Since this safe exercise has numerous benefits, it is a fantastic exercise to enhance your body’s health.

I use this rowing machine if you are interested; however, there are cheaper options. Now the rowing machine is another example of the several types of machines/equipment/exercises that solely use low-impact concentric exercises for muscle mass and leaning. Several elite athletes utilize concentric movements as it does not completely break down your muscles. The fact that it does not completely break down your muscles is spectacular for muscular dystrophy patients to give a wide variety of safe exercises that anyone can perform. I would recommend the rowing machine as an exercise that can positively influence your lifestyle and physical fitness.