I always thought that omelets were the most challenging thing to make. When I was a kid, and continuously begged my father and grandfather to prepare them for me. Recently I have taken cooking omelets into my hands as I can make a delicious meal in twenty minutes. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, creating a healthy one can be a fantastic start. I promise that organic, fresh vegetables and eggs secure a healthy lifestyle, and the moment you start your day, you have more energy. It is a filling dish that has so many benefits I cannot begin to describe.

To start, I want you to take at least three to four vegetables out of your fridge. I usually use cabbage, mushroom, capsicum (bell peppers), cucumber, zucchini, mushroom, spinach, or lettuce. If I do not find three out of the fridge, I use a random vegetable because I know that it will always be healthy. Place them on your cutting board and cut them into small pieces to fit in your omelet. When you cut all of the vegetables, make sure you find a clean pan and place it on the stove. Spoon coconut oil onto the pan and put it on low heat, waiting for it to melt (you can spread the oil across the pan if you would like). After that, slowly place all of the vegetables onto the pan. 

Since you can eat vegetables raw, do not worry too much about cooking them, but it is crucial to cook the eggs as they can make you sick. After letting the vegetables saute on the pan (may take between five to fifteen minutes depending on many factors), crack open two eggs, pour them in a container, and use a fork to stir them. To keep a clean environment, I placed a paper towel next to where I am cracking the eggs and cover then with the paper towel, so it is easy to throw out. Once you effectively stir the eggs for twenty to thirty seconds, start pouring it in the middle, and effectively spread them around the pan.

Wait for the omelet to cook for approximately ten minutes until you start to see the egg solidifying. Once you believe it has hardened enough, take a spatula or any other cooking equipment with a similar function and lift the sides of the omelet up (do this because it makes it easier to flip the omelet). Then, flip half of the omelet onto itself to create the shape of a smiley face. I like to squish the omelet with a spatula to get the uncooked part of the egg out, but make sure it does not verge far away from the omelet. After a few minutes, flip the omelet onto its other side, repeating it until it cooks. When you finish all these things, place the delicious meal onto your plate and begin the feast.

An omelet is an example of a quick, simple meal you can create that is incredibly healthy. It is a healthy meal that is an excellent start to your day. Sometimes people shun off breakfast or buy a small unhealthy snack to satisfy their appetite. I cannot express how vital breakfast is because it is the beginning of your day and influences your performance and emotions throughout the day. I encourage you to make your own meal as it is most likely healthier than anything you can buy at a cafe or store. I recommend that you explore different meals for breakfast that can give you a headstart to your day.