Ever since I was a kid, I always had stomach problems. I did not eat terribly, but it was enough to make me feel sick almost every month, increase my cholesterol levels, generate fat around my liver and other organs, and increase my weight. Once I moved to America, we had to have many blood tests that revealed the various problems I had within my body. Eventually, my CK levels in my liver were high, I had high cholesterol, had a low amount of energy, and was in a terrible state of mind. A functional medicine doctor revealed to me that I had a gluten sensitivity. Basically, I stood on one leg and could not balance when I held a vile full of gluten.

Since it is an interesting field, my mother and I decided it would be a good idea to clean up my diet and start being gluten-free and refrain from having refined sugar within my diet. Refined sugar is the unnatural sugars that are in unprocessed foods. Junk food, as we all know, tastes delicious, but eats our bodies from the inside and makes us feel terrible. When I began my nutritional diet or the rabbit food plan described in another post, I can not express how difficult it was to transition in my diet. I always complained to my mother how hungry I was and how I did not want to eat salads within every meal.

While it was an excruciating process, I now disdain the taste of refined products as they taste fake and processed. Fruits, vegetables, and things with natural sugar taste like heaven in comparison to potato chips. I cannot stress enough how amazing you can feel if you change your diet. When I began eating steroids, the stress was that I would increase my weight since my appetite would intensify. Although, I was eating more healthy stuff, which stopped it from having a negative side effect on me. An increase in appetite is only bad if you are eating more unhealthy things as you are putting more trash throughout your body.

In America, especially, there is an abundant amount of fast-food restaurants and processed foods that are cheaper. This makes more people buy the food and creates a problem of obesity within America. There are so many sources out there that can provide nutritional/healthy eating, so take advantage of them. If you ask anyone who eats healthy food, they will not miss their previous diet because the extent of goodness that they feel surpasses any desire to stuff processed foods down your throat.

After speaking with some muscular dystrophy patients and seeing parents of kids with muscular dystrophy has shown me how nutritional foods are not a priority for them. Some parents have said that “they already have it hard enough; let them eat whatever they want.” DO NOT DO THIS. Transitioning to a healthier diet may be difficult, but trust me when I say how beneficial it is. It can counteract side effects and have multiple indirect benefits that you do not even know would occur. As I have mentioned before, medicine that muscular dystrophy patients have to buy can lead to weight gain, and the destruction of one’s body and healthy eating can suppress the negative impacts.

When I began eating healthy, I no longer had as many stomach aches and was barely sick. While there is not much research on the impacts of nutritional foods on muscular dystrophy patients, my experiences have shown how beneficial, and healthy eating can be. Since I was sick less, I could spend more time improving my body, and it leads to a domino effect that keeps resulting in positive outcomes. The fact that I stopped feeling sick shows how terrible junk food is, although it tastes delicious. Even though you think junk food being delicious, it is putting trash through your digestive system. Remove junk food from your diet, and although it feels hard at first, you will not regret making this life-changing decision.

If you can, buy organic, non-GMO, and lean foods, DO IT. Your life will change completely. From my experiences and knowledge of other people who eat healthily, I know how terrible junk food is and will say with 100% certainty that this simple diet is a “treatment” for muscular dystrophy.

Do you want to be happier and have more energy? I will leave that decision for you.