I am sure that everyone in the world occasionally has issues sleeping, and one way to help solve that is melatonin. From my knowledge, your body naturally produces melatonin, which makes you feel drowsy, enabling you to sleep early. If you miss this time frame, I find it incredibly hard to sleep, explaining the importance of sticking to a consistent sleep schedule. Melatonin has not shown any side effects, and I feel it helps me sleep quicker and more effectively. When I travel to different countries, melatonin is the natural supplement that helps me suppress jetlag and regaining a good sleep schedule. Several types of medicine can help you sleep along with other methods that I have discussed previously, but melatonin is one of the best things as it is natural and has no side effects shown by my experiences. Although I try not to rely on the melatonin supplement, I do not want to depend on it to sleep well (I recommend this approach to anyone that wants to use melatonin). In this blog, I will give more scientific-based information from a website, research some benefits, and describe personal experiences and the benefits I feel.

The John Hopkins Medicine website gives a good description of a more scientific approach to melatonin within the body. The site discusses how research about melatonin supplements has helped people with insomnia fall asleep slightly faster and may have more significant benefits for those who fall asleep late and wake up late the next day. It states that the body produced melatonin naturally and wanting to sleep from the rising melatonin levels that rise in the evening. The state promotes sleep, which is why the period in which you feel tired is the best time you should fall asleep and stick to the same schedule, so you are aware of what time this is. A ScienceNewsForStudents website discusses how melatonin is a hormone/chemical produced in the brain’s pineal gland. It travels through the blood and promotes adequate sleep when the melatonin level rises. Furthermore, melatonin regulates the body’s circadian rhythm (how the body functions on a 24-hour cycle). Finally, Melatonin levels peak at night, during sleep, and drop in the morning when a person wakes up. Some technology and blue light can interfere with melatonin’s production, which may be the reason someone is having sleep issues.

A website by SleepEducation speaks about how melatonin is effective at treating various circadian rhythm disorders. This includes jet lag, when you are on a different sleep schedule and need better sleep, and when you have delayed sleep phase disorder such as insomnia. Melatonin assists various sleep disorders and ensures you get the best possible sleep. In addition to this, a Healthline website addresses a few more benefits that result from melatonin. One of those is increasing growth hormone levels in men, which can be extremely beneficial because steroids can impede the production of hormones is helpful for your body. They also speak about how it may counteract depression that steroids or different medicians can intensify. Maintaining a good/beneficial amount of sleep ensures that homeostasis is maintained within your body and can prevent the development of sicknesses and mental disorders. This blog should emphasize the importance of sleep as it can have numerous positive impacts that retain its top-tier quality of life.

The benefits I feel from taking melatonin are feeling more refreshed from a good night’s sleep. When I have trouble sleeping, melatonin as a beneficial supplement that enables me to counteract the sleeping issues. Since I have traveled widely, I can clarify that melatonin does help suppress the adverse effects of jetlag. Using my whoop tracker, when I take a melatonin pill, I have more REM sleep (discussed in the importance of sleep blog post), displaying how beneficial the supplement is. Also, my muscles feel less tight and filled with more energy, which boosts recovery from sufficient sleep, primarily when a melatonin supplement assists it. I think the benefits of melatonin each time I take it and recommend it to others.

You should check in with a doctor before taking the supplement, even though you need to keep in mind that it may not be beneficial for you. If you have a condition such as pregnancy, it would be unsuitable to start this medicine, so ensure melatonin does not interfere with any other physical states. Various medications can conflict with melatonin, revealing another reason that you should check with a doctor before taking the supplement. I would recommend that if you do not feel the benefits within a few days, stop taking it straight away as there is no need for you to be taking it. Even though I do not feel any side effects, know that it could be different for you, so I want to emphasize that you should be careful.

However, understanding the benefits I have had from melatonin, I would recommend that people try it as it could have the same impacts.