I have already discussed the benefits of Magnesium chloride baths if you would like to see many benefits from soaking your body in the substance. Although drinking a cup of Magnesium before sleeping is a fantastic way to help promote sleep. Magnesium is known to reduce inflammation and reduce overall stress throughout the body displaying how it can benefit you. My experiences have shown that Magnesium reduces mental tension throughout my body and helps me relax. For the last few years, I have drunk Magnesium stirred in water and have seen with my own body how great it is. With the knowledge of the impacts Magnesium has in baths, I am not surprised that it can also help people sleep. 

An article called “How taking magnesium supplements can help poor sleep” made by Better you, describes the underlying scientific reasoning behind the benefits of magnesium supplements in any form. They portray how Magnesium is one of the central minerals needed for our body to function well. When there is a decreased amount of Magnesium within your body, it prevents you from reaching a state of REM sleep (known as the recovery period of your body) and falling asleep in the first place. They also state that it helps calm your nervous system in readiness for asleep. Since it calms your nervous system down in preparations for sleep, it works with melatonin (the hormone that controls your body’s clock and sleep-wake cycles). Finally, it helps limit the effects of cortisol (the stress hormone) that can keep you awake and prevent proper recovery as you sleep. 

When I take Magnesium, without scientific evidence, I can say that I sleep dramatically better when I take it. Even though it tastes horrible, I try and drink it each day for that specific reason. When I am stressed out or am emotional about anything, my mum makes sure that I down a few cups of Magnesium during the day. When I first started my journey, I had frequent cramps, which stopped after taking Magnesium. Instead of it taking a few weeks to kick in, it was almost instant, and I am relieved I was able to introduce Magnesium into my lifestyle. I feel less tightness in my body and fall asleep far more effectively due to the numerous benefits I mentioned earlier. I do not doubt that I can do physical activities and remain productive throughout the day because of the simple addition of Magnesium into my diet.

The  Magnesium supplement I take can be found using this link. The Magnesium carbonate, once combined with citric acid, turns it into Magnesium citrate that is the easiest magnesium mineral that can be absorbed by our body. Since the supplement can be easily absorbed, you will get almost all the benefits that come from drinking it. There are no artificial flavors, only natural ingredients that ensure it is a healthy/safe supplement to take. It has many different flavors so you can experiment with it, but it will always have the same benefits. The supplements can come in many different forms, however, I would recommend to powder one that dissolves in water. (The image I used for the blog post comes from the link above)

Magnesium is affordable and is easily accessible, making it a prime alternative to melatonin supplements or even medication designed to help people sleep better. I would recommend Magnesium into anyone’s diet also if they do not have any muscle-related conditions. Magnesium is a central nutrient, and we need to make sure that everyone has a sufficient amount. My experiences backed by scientific studies on the website demonstrate with absolute certainty that Magnesium can enhance sleep to make you feel even more alive. My friends always say that I am vibrant with energy and question how I can survive without coffee. The answer is Magnesium.