Ever since I began my nutritional journey, my mum made sure to give me the healthiest things. Smoothies condense what would take years to eat into a few minutes. When I first began my diet, my mum created this “Morning Wellness Smoothie,” in which she put powders, fruits, vegetables, honey, oils, and supplements. Since my CK levels in my liver were high, we targetted that area first, which ended up ensuring Gut Healthy, Brain Health, decreases inflammation and worked on my overall health. This is not a smoothie you have to stick by; however, it is an example of one that can have revolutionary benefits. As long as your smoothies include fruits and vegetables, it is incredibly healthy, but some of these powders include nutrients from a wide variety of sources.

The recipe for the healthiest smoothie I have ever had is up above. There is an Almond Milk Recipe that I included in my smoothies and cereal, as you can see. We stopped eating cow milk because I believe that we should not be consuming milk from other animals. After all, we are the only species that does that. Also, people pump many pesticides and steroids into animals today, so my family and I wanted to be safe. We usually buy store-bought oat milk and almond milk if we do not make our own, which we use in the smoothies.

We use fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants so they can provide the most significant benefit. In comparison to juices, smoothies do not strip vegetables and fruit from their essential nutrients, fibers, etc. Smoothies are thus effective beverages to gain the most sweeping influence. Each of these ingredients displays amazing benefits when someone eats or drinks them. You can add turmeric and ashwagandha into the smoothies, but I take supplements for them instead. 

The Green Nutrients Powder (Tonic Alchemy) has 71 certified organic herbs, vegetables, superfoods, grasses, fruits, and sprouts. On Amazon, it contains a product description that provides more explanations for the fantastic powder. The benefits include balancing energy levels, allowing detoxification in your body, boosting the immune response to make sure you do not get sick, builds blood levels, and has every benefit from the products it contains. With ninety-one ingredients in total, it also includes the benefits that come from every single component. Native cultures have been using the many ingredients for the last hundreds or thousands of years enjoying their various nutritional benefits. It is an excellent addition to your diet and can help you maintain a radiant life.

The healthy smoothie I drink now contains two bananas, a handful of raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, spinach, broccoli sprouts, dandelion leaves, honey, coconut oil, almond milk, coconut kefir yogurt, cashew probiotic yogurt, collagen powder, brazil nuts, and dates. The smoothies were getting extremely chaotic, so we decided to simplify them even more to create a tasty drink that I enjoy drinking. I recommend that you begin looking into powders, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and supplements that can help you create a healthy smoothie that you can enjoy.

Coconut Oil is a recurring ingredient that I include in each smoothie, no matter what. The Street’s article on coconut oil explains ten benefits that justify my need to include it in every smoothie. It boosts the amount of good cholesterol that can help with weight loss and lowers the risk of cardiovascular-related diseases. It is excellent for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, reducing diabetes risks, and improving the overall energy distribution throughout one’s body. Coconut oil guards liver healthy (which is vital because it processes sugars in your body), preventing any damage in your near future. Finally, it aids with digestion ensuring that you process the nutritional elements of food you intake. 

The smoothies I drink are exceptionally at guaranteeing that I am healthy at all times. I would recommend that everyone tries intaking necessary nutrients to improve the overall performance of your body. I hope you take the time to explore your own time to construct a healthy smoothie that suits your body’s needs. Including antioxidants is a perfect way to obstruct your foundational elements to your smoothie. If you lose yourself with research, use my recipe, and change parts depending on your interests. I feel amazing when I drink my smoothie, so I hope you give the same treatment to your body and start making/consuming these smoothies.