Red cabbage is a variant of green cabbage that is enriched with essential nutrients providing various benefits. Red cabbage has 30% more antioxidants and, to me, tastes far better than green cabbage. It is a fantastic vegetable that should be in everyone’s diet, which I will explain throughout this blog. Like most other vegetables, I was not too fond of this vegetable at first and disdained the thought of cabbage. Every time I heard the word, the only feeling I had was that of disgust. After I attempted to deny my mother’s want for me to eat the cabbage, I slowly gained a liking for cabbage and ate it at least three times a week. This blog explores the reasoning for eating cabbage and some insights on how to incorporate it into foods. Healthline’s article called “8 Impressive Benefits of Purple Cabbage” describes the vegetable’s significant benefits and essential compounds.

Purple cabbage has many minerals and vitamins, explaining why it is so influential for the body. There is also vitamin C, which protects cells and keeps them healthy, maintains healthy skin, blood vessels, bones, and heals wounds. The vegetable has some protein, which is essential because people need protein as a building block to repair cells, grow muscles, and maintain organs’ function. There are also carbohydrates, the compound that allows for the production of energy through cellular respiration. Another component is fiber, keeping the digestive system clean and healthy, easing bowel movements, and sustaining healthy cholesterol. Another part of purple cabbage that assists the body is Vitamin K, which ensures appropriate blood clotting. A subsequent vitamin is vitamin B6, which helps the body use and store energy and carry oxygen around the body. Then there is also Vitamin A, which permits organs to function properly and enhances the immune system. Additionally, vitamins B1 and B2 are inside purple cabbage and are necessary for the body to convert food into energy. Finally, potassium enables the control of blood pressure, reduced risk for cardiovascular diseases, and the ability to regulate muscle contractions. As you may see, there are similar compounds inside many vegetables and fruits, but they are found in different proportions, and each has unique characteristics. 

On top of the fantastic elements discussed previously, there are far more benefits showing how critical purple cabbage is in anyone’s diet. The significant amount of antioxidants ensures your body remains optimal and can reduce inflammation to a considerable extent. The vegetable is linked to increases in bone and heart health. The functioning of bones and heart is excellent for muscular dystrophy patients as these areas can be impaired. The vegetable has shown promise in treating many diseases, disorders, and cancers, but more information is needed to explain how impactful the vegetables are. The final benefit I want to discuss is its emphasis on gut health. The vegetable promotes the digestive system’s functioning, which is vital to take in nutrients from foods and use these nutrients for your body’s health. While there is a lack of empirical evidence from studies to support these benefits, many people find links, and I can promise that it can help you even if it may not be that dramatic.

I use purple cabbage extensively, especially when it comes to salad. Nothing is better than making a salad with a variety of vegetables and your favorite dressings. There are numerous salads out there that I could not even describe because there are so many. It would be easy enough for you to research some for yourself and determine which would be your favorite. I sometimes make an omelet with the vegetable being another way for you to eat them. I also frequently create a smoothie if you would prefer not to taste the vegetable and mix various flavors together. There is a diversity of delicious soups in the world that utilizes purple cabbage and is another fantastic way to integrate it into your diet. My mother sometimes purchases fermented purple cabbage, which has an interesting taste but would be a great way to eat the vegetable if you end up liking the taste. 

Purple Cabbage is another unique vegetable that I suggest everybody should eat more often. The notable amount of vitamins, compounds, and benefits explain why you need to integrate the vegetable into your lifestyle. There are many more benefits from eating the vegetables that help your body remain at the top quality, so please do your body a favor and eat them. Like most vegetables, you can create or purchase different meals that incorporate this essential ingredient. After reading this blog, I hope you start eating more purple cabbage and indulge yourself in the positive impacts.