I have been taking Creatine in the form of its Monohydrate in smoothies for the last few years. Creatine is naturally produced in your body (about 1-2 grams each day) and is known to enhance athletic performance, brain functioning, and healthy aging. Many studies display the effectivity of Creatine Monohydrate, explaining why it is used extensively by athletes. When I eat/drink this powder, I feel an outburst of energy, enabling me to wake up when I am tired, have tons of energy throughout the day, and overall have better recovery when the day ends. The monohydrate form is the easiest for our body to absorb. 

HealthLine created an article called “10 Health and Performance Benefits of Creatine,” discussing several scientifical approved benefits for your body. Creatine assists in creating ATP, which is the energy your muscles need to perform any activity. This means that you can accomplish more physical activities without quickly exhausting yourself. It is a useful supplement for building muscle mass because it alters cellular pathways to enhance muscle growth. One example of this is that it boosts the formation of proteins that help recover and rebuild muscles. It decreases myostatin (a molecule responsible for stunting muscle growth), resulting in better/faster muscle growth and recovery.

Creatine is responsible for things like increased “strength,” “ballistic power” (jumping, traditionally done with weights), “sprint ability,” “muscle endurance,” “resistance to fatigue,” building “muscle mass,” “muscle recovery,” and “brain performance.” These numerous benefits significantly improve your physical lifestyle and intensify academic performance in any subject. Creatine increases short and long-term muscle mass growth while also being the most effective muscle building supplement available. Since muscular dystrophy impacts muscle growth and recovery, this powder attempts to combat that. By reducing fatigue and tiredness, you could spend more time cycling, which studies show increase overall muscle mass.

Creatine is a perfect powder to combat muscular dystrophy symptoms and enable you to perform physical activities that promote muscle growth/leaning (cycling, rowing, swimming, etc.). It is the greatest supplement currently available that enhances muscle strength/performance/recovery to such a large extent. I am sure that the reason I feel more energetic, have more endurance, and have increased muscle mass is, in part, due to Creatine powder. Several scientific studies support the benefits it states and the ones I feel by incorporating the powder into my diet. I encourage you to try creatine powder but make sure to ask your doctor to make sure it cannot have an adverse reaction with any medication you are currently taking. If you are allowed to take it, I can almost promise you that it would help you with one-hundred percent certainty.