Eating healthy may be the best possible advice people can give you. But for many, eating healthy becomes difficult for various reasons that may not even be your fault. Hopefully, some extra tips from Precise Nutrition can help you accomplish your healthy eating goals. When I began eating healthier, I craved a variety of different foods. One of them being Chicken Katsu at one of my favorite Japanese restaurants. Due to it being a fried food, I had to strip it out of my diet, but at some point, they removed it from the menu. It suddenly became effortless to not think about, and in a few weeks, I had no desire to eat at all. The ease of getting rid of something from my reach made it so much easier. This emphasizes that there are external factors that may make eating healthy excruciating. While you will reach a threshold and have no desire for foods that can impair you, this post will be steps to reach that threshold to give your body what it needs and not what can harm you because it tastes “good.”

The following three tips will come from Precise Nutrition’s Article “3 Diet Experiments That Can Change Your Eating Habits – and Transform Your Body (Even if They Seem Way Too Easy to Work).” The first thing they address is that there is a belief that willpower is the only way to stop eating so much junk food. This is false because the environment with things like portion control, the amount of food you purchase, and the type of food you have in your house can influence your eating habits. 

The first step is to make a list. You will determine your red, yellow, and green light foods first. Red Lights foods are the “no go” foods.” These foods impede on your having a fulfilling, fun life. They prevent you from achieving goals, you may overeat them, you may not be able to digest them, you do not like them, or you are sensitive/allergic to them. Foods highly processed or those that have tons of refined sugar should be included in this category. Yellow light foods are “slow down” foods. They should not be consumed all the time but maybe for special occasions or a restaurant with your friends you can eat them. You should not eat these foods at home. The foods might not be that horrible for you but are not the best things for your body. Finally, the Green Light foods are foods you can eat at any time. They are nutritious and enhance your body and mind as well as making you feel good. You can eat them normally, slowly, and in reasonable amounts. Stuff like vegetables, appropriate amounts of meat, fruit, and nuts should be included in this category (unless you are allergic to them). Assigning different foods to this category will let you know what foods to purchase, what foods to avoid, and help you in the following steps. 

The second step is to grab a rubbish/garbage bag and a compost bin if you have one and get cleaning. You will use the compost for things like vegetable and food scraps and paper products. You may not use compost for anything you are discarding, but if you are, then use the compost. You will first dispose of your red light foods. You can donate unopened, non-perishable, unexpired items to a charity if you do not want to waste food. While some of these products may not be good for everyone, like processed food, it is better to have something than nothing. I want everyone to eat healthily, but that is not possible given the current food insecurity situation in many countries. If you overeat food that is horrible for you, you are wasting your body instead of the food. Think for your body and not for the food. Additionally, you will save money not buying these foods and save considerable amounts of money not paying for illnesses and medication, attempting to reverse the negative impacts. For yellow light foods, you can dispose of all of them, keep some in limited qualities, but make sure it is in the back of the shelf, hard to reach, or out of sight to prevent temptations. This is the fun part. With the green light food, stock up your fridge, pantry, and shelves with this fantastic food. Make sure it is in front of the yellow light food if you have any. Having a majority of green foods that you can always see will encourage you to eat considerably healthy and is a simple step to reaching nutritional goals. Make sure you limit the number of green light foods you purchase since they will probably be things like vegetables and fruit that can perish. Start buying small amounts until you find the amount of produce you need to buy. 

The first step for you is to take notes or notice if you crave red or yellow food. If you can withstand temptations, you will no longer have these cravings. If you find it impossible not to have these foods experiment with ways that may prevent you from purchasing these foods. You could have a family member or friend motivate you not to eat these foods. You can distract yourself with amazing food you can make with green light foods or activities to take your mind off of these cravings. Each second you fight an urge, the closer you will get to stop the foods from controlling you and become healthier. You could send a daily reminder convincing you of why you should give us these red and yellow light foods. I convince myself that my body is improving each time I eat healthily. I also now thoroughly enjoy eating healthy food as I can make it taste delicious to kill two birds with one stone. Be aware and take further action to learn to control your cravings.  

The lesson of these three tips is that your environment makes it harder to practice healthy eating habits. It does not only come from willpower and determination but also relies on how you treat your environment. If you are serious about eating healthy but find it challenging to take the first step towards this goal, ensuring you are in an optimal environment to achieve these goals is essential for a better future. And know that eating entirely healthy is difficult for so many people. It took me months to ensure that I only wanted healthy food, and when I began cooking and found various ways to make healthy food taste exceptional, it became so much easier. Many of my friends say they could not imagine giving up sugary products and ice cream for dessert. While they know it is healthy for them, they are in an environment where ice cream is always around them, permitting the ice cream to control them. Follow these three great tips to create an environment that ensures you can flourish and live a healthy lifestyle that promotes an incredibly great life. I took the steps, so many other people have taken these steps, and I know you can do it with enough effort.