Why is it important to exercise even when you are busy?

Since I just finished APs and final exams, I have been swamped and found it hard to make time to complete more blogs, stretch, and work out to the same degree I usually would. I thought I would dedicate time to give you my advice on how to remain active during any busy time in general.

For me, the first step of the process is motivation. You have to understand that exercising is crucial to maintaining the stability of your body and keep you in an optimal state to be able to study and do as well as you possibly can. Working out releases hormones and makes you happier and determined to remain in the studying state of mind. The release of hormones ensures that you will sleep better and recall the information more effectively. Working out ensures that you effectively study and do not waste any of your time due to your inability to remember something.

The next step is finding the time to do it. Keeping a rigid and productive schedule is honestly the only way to find time to do this. Remember that exercise can include walking, swimming, and biking, which does not need to take that much time out of your day. Doing any activity is more beneficial than sitting down all day attempting to study and consolidate all the material throughout the year for finals in college and schools. And once again, if you are motivated, finding time will not be a difficult task as it will make you more productive, enhance your sleep, and enable you to succeed within tests and other events you take part in.

The next step is doing it without psyching yourself out or being too exhausted after the busy day. Working out or doing a form of exercise in the day will ensure that you are not tired because I occasionally find myself not working out in the evening due to this very reason. Doing activities that you can have fun in will ensure that you have the willpower to finish the specific exercise that you are doing. Listening to music serves as another way to ensure that you work out and do not back out of the activity.

Doing a few activities throughout the day will ensure that your brain is not exhausted with the material. It will also prevent you from sitting around all day that can have negative consequences for your body. While education is important, retaining the state of your body is arguably a lot more critical as it determines what occurs within your future. Once you complete these activities, it will be easier for you to do it because you get in the habit of doing them. This process may seem arduous at first, but it will eventually become manageable, and you will thank you for doing it.

I find time to swim each day during exam times and do my concentric and isometric exercises at least once a week. But during testing times in schooling systems and college, see it as giving your body a time to relax and rest from the intense studying. Swimming gives me time to learn the information within my head and gives me a clear space to think about how I will prepare for my various exams. Doing any form of exercise is vital to the maintenance of your body, and I cannot emphasize that enough. People without a muscular condition should never spend at least 2-3 hours without getting up from their chairs to stretch or do some activity. In America and places around the world, it is sad that people do not emphasize this concept.

Most importantly, exercise will reduce stress and help you earn better grades on your exams, making it worthwhile. Personally, swimming allows me to work at my most productive level and is the reason for my successful studying and passing my various exams. EVERYONE MUST remain active, and studying should not be prioritized over your body.