The treadmill is a great cardio exercise that increases strength throughout the lower body. This includes your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hips, and hip flexor muscles. It is necessary to remain active with muscular dystrophy, and this device is a relatively safe and straightforward piece of equipment. The excellent aspect of treadmills is that you can control the incline, speed, and amount of time and monitor your distance on the machine. The part of the treadmill you walk on is predictable and never changing, unlike surfaces outside of your home. The ability to control everything is one of the reasons why I like the device so much. 

To warm-up for my exercise programs, I spend between 15 to 30 minutes doing cardio activities. I spend five minutes walking on the treadmill as fast and/or at a considerable incline to provide myself with a great workout. I make sure I do not exhaust myself and can reduce the speed or incline at any time I want. Since people with muscular dystrophy should refrain from running, make sure you are only walking on this device safely. Most treadmills have an emergency stopper that you can attach to yourself, or you can easily step to the side of the device and press the stop button.

The benefits I have seen of exercising on a treadmill are numerous. Exercising on it improves the respiratory system by enhancing your ability to breathe and strengthening respiratory muscles. The heart increases in strength, which improves blood flow throughout the body and prevents cardiovascular diseases. The better blood flow ensures oxygen and nutrients are spread throughout the body, helping the body recover following physical strain. I find that my entire body strengthens, and I have greater endurance whenever I perform an activity. I can relax easier, most likely due to the boosted production of hormones that help me relieve stress and feel happier. Over time, I have grown to handle more incredible speeds and inclines at ease, displaying my greater strength.

There are some relative tips that I have found using the device. Before anything, I get on the device before starting it when it is not moving. Then, I always start at a lower speed and incline but then continue to increase it as time increases. I never hold my hands on the railing because it is not a natural way to walk. You should walk with your greatest posture and utilize the arms as if you were walking for real. I try to walk every day because that is how I experience the most significant benefits. It would be best if you always looked in front of you instead of looking down as it can create unnecessary strain in the shoulders, neck, and back. After each minute, I increase the speed and incline until I can no longer handle increasing them any further. I always attach the emergency part of the device to my shirt to ensure that I remain safe. If I want to stop the machine without doing that, I rest my feet off to the sides and press the stop button. If you ever feel unbalanced, you should get off of the device with the help of your hands and feet. Overall, these are the many tips to ensure you remain safe and gain the most significant treadmill effects.

I would recommend using the device as a simple and effective way for you to participate in cardio exercises beneficial for the body. There are many different fantastic treadmills, so I will not speak about the one I currently have. There are many benefits for the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and overall body functionality explaining reasons to utilize a treadmill. The treadmill should be a device that any person, especially one with Beker muscular dystrophy that can walk, should use.