Massage chairs are a fantastic way to have massages whenever your body requires relief. Over time, having a massage chair will cost less than having to pay a therapist each time you need one. When I first moved to the United States about seven years ago, my dad purchased a massage chair. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I moved, and I spent some time in the massage chair to reduce stress and adjust my body and mind to the arduous journey. For the first three or four years, I used the device a ton and experienced a wide variety of benefits that made my life better than I could have expected. While I do not use massage chairs much anymore since I have a therapist, my parents, grandparents, and sister utilize the device and discuss how amazing it makes them feel. The Good Body created a list of nine massage chairs that are currently the best in the mark.

Infinity Massage Chairs created an article named “Massage Chair Help Benefits,” analyzing the many benefits. One of the considerable benefits for the mind is that it releases stress and anxiety from your body. The hormone system in your body becomes more reliable and efficient, accounting for more melatonin (allowing you to sleep), serotonin (giving you a sense of happiness), Endorphins (pain relief and relaxation), etc. The endocrine system contains abundant hormones that you need to survive and enjoy your life. Since inflammation in the body is a form of stress, the device suppresses inflammation, which is a muscular dystrophy symptom. Studies discovered that 15 minutes on a massage chair improves brain activity, productivity, and alertness. Because the condition may impact your brain and emotional state, a massage chair can help improve and stabilize brain function. By magnifying productivity and attention, you have a higher chance of being successful and having a lifestyle that suits your needs.

Massage allows for the production of endorphins, which enable you to relax and feel good. This sustains a better mood and helps you balance your emotional state. With the impediment of hormones and testosterone in males with this condition, your emotions may become unbearable. However, using a massage chair is a simple way to improve your state of mind. As I mentioned before, the endocrine system produces melatonin, which is your body’s signal enabling you to fall asleep. By reducing stress, it will not only reduce the time it takes to sleep, but it will improve the quality of sleep. Better sleep has benefits that I cannot even comprehend due to how much we need to sleep in our lives. The device can also improve cardiovascular health by lower stress and blood pressure, which are two main factors for the development of heart disease. As your muscle is a heart that controls the blood flow in your body, you need to have this organ in its prime condition. As someone with muscular dystrophy, my heart is impaired and cannot function in the same way ordinary people can. There is scar tissue, and my apple watch shows that my resting heart rate is far higher than people my age. You need your heart to live, so it is critical to keeping your heart healthy and preventing any damage, so you most definitely need a method to help the organ.

Research displays that massage strengthens the immune system by increasing the body’s white blood cells that are a defense mechanism against viruses. This is due to the decrease in cortisol, which impedes the development of white blood cells. By reducing stress and inflammation, your body retains a healthy state. Without the need to repair your body’s damage and stress, your body can focus more time on preventing illnesses. Since you will remain healthier, you can dedicate more time to improving your lifestyle and make yourself happy. On top of boosting immunity, studies prove that massage chairs can manage/treat lower back pain. You need your back for things like walking and sitting in a wheelchair. Chronic lower back pain can be detrimental to anybody as an incorrect posture impacts breathing mechanics and your entire body’s functioning. However, with muscular dystrophy, it can have more extensive effects that nobody wants to experience.

You can trust the studies, personal experience, and my family experience to know that massage chairs are incredibly useful and practical. The benefits range from improving immunity, enhancing brain activity, and improving overall physical performance. The device enabled me to get through difficult moments throughout my life as I moved from a different continent and was diagnosed with a disease that scared me at the time. Massages completely changed my life and enabled me to reach the place I am today. Due to my gratitude for massages in general, I wanted to share a method that can have numerous positive influences on your life.