I am currently taking a positive attitude psychology course called Martin E. P. Seligman’s visionary science. There is one activity he provided that is an effective way to remain positive about your day that I have been using ever since I learned it. This activity acts as a way to enhance happiness and your well-being every day, which is the purpose of positive attitude psychology. I want to make it clear that the course gains full credit for the creation of this activity, and I thought I would continue to share it to promote everyone’s well-being.

The activity consists of reflecting on each of your days with three things that made your day positive. In a few sentences, you will explain why you chose it before going to sleep. The activity forces you to sleep while you are reflecting on happiness instead of negative emotions that may conflict with your rest. I believe this is a necessary activity because it concentrates on the sunny aspect of everyone’s chaotic life. Repeating this activity each day makes you think about the positive aspects of your day so that you can discuss it within the activity. Constant repetition of this activity is needed for the most benefit as it serves to fortify feelings of happiness each time you complete it.

I have found that I can look over the positive side of life each day despite frequent negative thoughts I experience daily. While negative emotions tend to be more frequent, I can emphasize the joy of spending time with family, friends, reading, and doing general things that I enjoy. Each day before I go to sleep, I either think about it, write it down, or text myself so that I can look back on it if I am ever feeling down. Although this is new for me, it already has profound impacts, so I wanted to share it with you.

I occasionally find myself sharing my experiences and activity with other people. It makes both sides of the coin happy, and I encourage you to share this activity with all those around you to create a domino effect of delight. Also, sharing positive experiences with other people forms stronger friendships displaying how impactful it is. For me, socializing is one of the favorite things to do, especially when I can mess around with friends and forget the stresses around me. After sharing it with a few friends, I have seen a dramatic shift in their mood, initiating a transition towards a more positive mindset that is hard for some people.

Healthline created an article called “How Being Happy Makes You Healthier,” which reveals benefits from just being happy. While people may view emotions as being separate from your physical body, it is the polar opposite. Studies have shown that people tend to live longer when they are more optimistic. Being merry decreases blood pressure, which is fantastic for muscular dystrophy patients who need to reduce stress upon their hearts. It combats stress that has correlations to sicknesses, mental disorders, and inflammation throughout the body. My experiences have shown that when I am in a good maintain, I can manage my rigorous schedule for caring for my body and increasing the knowledge of my brain. Since my Dad is really into positive attitude psychology, I have learned of the various benefits that come from being happy.

As you can see, this activity does not only work to enhance your happiness but has indirect effects that form more friendships. This activity is one way that boosts happiness, which should be a small part of the various things you should do to maintain satisfaction. Ecstasy is probably the most important thing for you to do due to numerous physical and emotional benefits enabling you to keep your healthiest lifestyle. I want to thank the course I am taking for the science behind optimism, and for the activity because it can assist many more people.