I began meditation on and off about two years ago, although recently, I realized how important it is to have in your life consistently. Meditation may seem simple, and like it has no importance, but it finds a sense of order in the chaotic society. I recently did an ACT Cultivate Course, in which the mindfulness teacher, Andy Lott, told me to “think of yourself as a sky,” thoughts can either be deep dark clouds, storms, and white and puffy clouds. Meditation helps you reestablish authority over your thoughts and reestablish a blue sky with no clouds. At times, people let their emotions control their actions and decision, which can have detrimental impacts. Meditation grants you control over your mind maintaining wellbeing for your body.

Meditation can come in many forms, so I recommend that you find the one that interests you the most. Meditation can be guided through a voice (seen in many apps like insight timer and headspace), can be music you meditate to, can be complete silence, or many more forms. While it can come in many styles, they are all trying to relax your mind. It leads to a more concentrated and focuses place that enhances productivity and enables you to be in the best possible state of mind. The way you think controls everything and meditation gives you the freedom to use your mindset for significant positive influences on your lifestyle.

My techniques include a mix of techniques I found from headspace, self-exploration, other experiences, and reading books. These include breathing techniques, different ways of thinking, posture, and place of meditation.

The most important thing, in my opinion, to meditation is breathing techniques. You have to make sure that you are breathing in through your nose and exhaling out through your mouth. Doing this slowly with your eyes closed is one of the most peaceful things for me to do. Scientists proved that meditation reduces blood pressure (removing as much strain on your heart), which is vital for people that have impaired breathing patterns. One thing that you can do is count to a number and repeat this cycle. The most popular numbers are 6 and 10. Basically, when you inhale, you count to 1, and when you exhale, you count to two and then resetting once you get to your chosen number. Another thing you can do is feel how your body moves and focus on these changes. For instance, your stomach inflates and deflates, your throat vibrates, your lip feels the breath from your nose, and your lungs feel cooler.

The next technique is to think of meditation as sole observations with no judgments. When I can understand that my mind and body are separate, it is easier for me to reach that state of relaxation. Leaving opinions and biases behind enables me to concentrate and quite my mind that has abundant amounts of thoughts each day. I find a connection to life itself to help me feel serene. When you can hear everything around you and create a state of order and serenity out of it, you completely control your state. By giving myself control over my emotions, seeing them as clouds that come and go assists in my meditation.

Posture is another crucial thing in meditation. Maintaining a good posture helps you breathe better, which, as I mentioned, is key to meditation. By having an aligned position during meditation gives me confidence that I occasionally lack. The focus on my posture helps me embody my entire body and feel everything that is happening. Whether it is a twitch or tightness, I know I control the situation and can focus my thoughts on that targetted area. While it may sound crazy, it makes me feel like I have the free will to change my entire situation to suit my needs. Although it is important to balance being comfortable and posture with each other as meditation requires relaxation. However, posture generates more thoughts of control for me, which is most likely the reason why I find it helpful.

Finally, the location in which you meditate impacts the quality of your meditation. I like to feel grounded with the environment, so I find a place on the grass or near grass that gives me that satisfaction. I usually have a waterfall in my pool turned on, which makes me feel like I am more connected with nature as I hear the water hitting each other. I do not know how to explain it, but being from Australia, where I was five minutes away from a beach, I feel at one with water explaining why it makes me feel at peace. I also find that the noises of nature from birds and insects make me feel relaxed and reach a state of tranquility. For you, find a place that makes you feel comfortable.

In short, make sure you are deep breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth as it serves to oxygenate your body entirely. Maintain an excellent seated posture to prevent yourself from falling asleep, but by also keeping that blue sky. The sense of control makes people feel relaxed as there is nothing that can endanger them. Ensure that you find a location that makes you feel most at peace. These techniques serve to help me meditate and hopefully help you too. First, I recommend beginning these simple rules and researching ways to start meditation as I continue to add blog posts on this crucial subject.