The creators of Cane Massager invented it to reduce tightness in the back. While I only use this device when I am with my physical therapist, it helps combat inflammation in my lower back, which pains me the most. With tight hips, glutes, shoulders, and necks, it pinches my lower back, accounting for occasional pain and tightness. However, with this device adding onto stretches and exercises, my back has dramatically improved. My physical therapist witnesses increased strength and better posture in my back area. I find it easier to walk, breathe, and have large amounts of energy throughout the day. Due to the cane massager, I can perform exercises, stretches, sustain eating habits, and continue to live my life to the fullest. 

With muscular dystrophy, I want to explain numerous ways that lead to lower back pain and tightness. Scapular winging is when the shoulder blade sticks out of your back instead of laying flat in your body. Scapular winging has shown to enhance tightness and lead to significant discomfort. Another symptom is a weakness in the hip, hip flexor, and glute areas. This may cause you to lean on one leg more than the other, causing disbalances in your back. I used to have this problem and am still trying to fix the negative consequences of leaning on one leg more than the other. For me, I have increased tightness in my left area, which feels as if it is bulging out more than the right side of my back. It results in discomfort, problems with posture, lack of energy, and much more. As the condition leads to general stiffness in your body, it shows you how impacted the back can be. Since your back is most of your body, it illustrates how crucial it is to keep your back in its optimal state.

Relax the back created a review on a cane massager (Theracane). They state that the massager is a self-massage that can provide “temporary relief from muscular tension, stiffness, tenderness, and soreness.” The device’s shape ensures that you can massage areas of the back that are hard to reach on your own. Most people rely on rollers and massage therapists to massage most back areas, but you can do it with the device without any help. It enhances blood circulation, leading to better recovery (reducing knots, tightness, and inflammation) and enhanced muscles’ performance in the back area. With gentle motions of the tool, it reduces knots that result in tightness in the back area. 

Like the roller ball massager, the cane massager can help you sustain your body in its best possible state. Your body’s interconnected nature will thank you for taking your body’s maintenance into your own hands. Before I began using this massager, I could not find a comfortable position in my bed due to back discomfort. I found myself waking up in a crooked position, which only intensified my back’s tightness and pain. I sleep well with this new device and do not wake up on in positions seen in Cirque du Soleil. Trust me when I say that this device can mean the difference between your body living and your body in a perpetual status of dismay.

For emphasis, please do not use the device for deep tissue massage as it can result in heightened inflammation in your body. If you use the device in gentle and soothing motions, you can witness considerable benefits while blocking damage. I encourage everybody to purchase the device due to how great it made my life. I feel the greatest I ever have, and it is, in part, due to this device. So please, help your body, and you will never regret utilizing this fantastic yet straightforward device.