Battle Ropes are one of the most fun exercises that utilize both endurance and strength within your body. The fitness training increases full-body strength and conditions muscles giving positive results in no time. While they technically use concentric and eccentric movements, the exercise’s rapid nature ensures that it is not an exercise that can harm you. About a year ago, my father purchased battle ropes, and I have used them ever since. At first, I questioned battle ropes, but I kept an open mind. After asking my physical therapist about the equipment, he stated that it would be a fantastic addition to my workout routine. I experience the device’s benefits every day because my arms and back’s conditioning supports me in swimming and accomplishing success in any physical activity. The part I love most about the device is how creative you can be with the exercises. On top of being a great exercise, the joy I feel from using them motivates me to do as much activity each day.

TheWorkoutDigest wrote an article: “10 Reasons Why You Need to Start Using Battle Ropes,” explaining various reasons why I use this equipment. Their first reason is that battle ropes are fun to use. I agree with how they describe that they make you smile because it reminds you of when you were a kid and played with toys that brought so much ecstasy. Sometimes when you need to relax, aggressively moving the battle ropes everywhere can be incredibly beneficial. While battle ropes appear to be an activity you would do when you were a kid; they have a wide variety of benefits. Also, the battle ropes target the whole body enabling people with muscular dystrophy to keep muscles active. While completing battle ropes workouts, it is okay to keep a slight squat for a stable stance but DO NOT incorporate squats or lunges (unless you isometrically perform them on a wall) because the eccentric movement is damaging for the muscles. The first video on the website and second video on the website shows people performing exercises in a slight squat position or sitting down. The first and second video gives several techniques I use in my battle rope routine I complete. I perform each method for at least thirty seconds; however, I spend about a minute on each one when I am stressed. 

The third benefit is that ropes enhance the balance and coordination of your body. The exercise utilizes both arm movements, sometimes forcing them to synchronize or alternate, which demands much coordination to do well. By doing different techniques and moves with the equipment, you can improve your coordination to an extraordinary degree. Some exercise variations employ both arm and leg movements (such as the jumping jacks one from the video), improving the timing and coordination of various parts of your body. Since multiple systems connect your body, this exercise can have revolutionary influences on your everyday life. The concrete structure you must maintain in training (with tightening core, glutes, and the slight bend in your leg) reduces the risk of injuries. By incorporating balance balls and devices with battle ropes, it can help to improve balance even more. 

The last few benefits include adjusting resistance quickly, resulting in you having the ability to prevent the exercise from ultimately fatiguing you. With muscular dystrophy, I repeatedly stress how important it is not to exhaust yourself, leading to unnecessary muscle damage. The activity is terrific for your cardiovascular health as it requires fast movements and heightens endurance as you continue doing it. By improving your cardiovascular health, you enable the heart to pump blood/oxygen throughout the body, advancing recovery. Battle ropes are safe in itself, dramatically suppressing harmful results. Finally, the exercises are great for reducing weight, fat accumulation in your body, and burning off calories. 

I am confident the benefits I have described from the website match the services I witness for myself. Battle ropes enable me to switch up the content in my workout program since there are so many forms of exercise, ensuring that my workouts alternate and remain effective. The exercise’s full body nature ensures that I increase muscle mass and condition the muscles I currently have working side-by-side with the dystrophin in my body. Even if you do not have muscular dystrophy, battle ropes can be the difference between a plateau and a positive influence. Doing this exercise enables me to perform better in other physical activities, reduce high amounts of stress, and create a better physical version of yourself. Trust me when I say that battle roped can change lives because I deem myself proof of that phenomenon.