Infrared saunas are a fantastic way to help heat your muscles, reduce inflammation, make it easier to stretch, decrease tightness, and make sure you feel phenomenal. Unlike traditional saunas, infrared saunas primarily heat your body using infrared light. The infrared can penetrate human tissue and avoid heating the air to the same degree as a traditional sauna. Sadly, I do not use the sauna that often anymore because I feel amazing but being in it every day would do my body wonders. When I initially began my journey in caring for the body, I used the sauna four to five times a week, and it is a device, unlike any other. In just under fifteen minutes, you can use infrared saunas to help your body recover and relax. 

Healthline’s “Is an Infrared Sauna Better Than a Traditional Sauna” explores supposed benefits stemming from the use of an infrared sauna. Before presenting the supposed benefits of saunas and my personal experience with them, it is important to understand that only a small amount of scientific evidence proves its effectiveness. Some studies found that people who had chronic fatigue syndrome benefit, muscle fatigue, and high blood pressure benefited from using the device. Other benefits include better sleep and relaxation. Since the infrared sauna makes my muscles relax and reduces the difficulty of stretching, these factors suggest why it promotes sleep quality. Heat in generals reduces pain and cramps in the muscle, making me believe in this device’s positives. Additionally, many people, including myself, reported feeling less stress so physiological responses could explain healthier sleep. 

The next thing would be the detoxification of the body. The heat causes sweating, which allows the body to detox traces of dirt, pollutants, heavy metals, and other things that could be detrimental to the body. The increased blood circulation from the device may also be profitable for the body showing how impactful infrared saunas could be. The next benefit I will explore is weight loss. While you will lose water weight from the excess sweating, there is some evidence showing that the sauna can increase metabolic rate, which would result in increased weight loss. The ability to promote effective recovery of the muscles may increase physical activity levels, resulting in reducing your weight. 

Another positive from an infrared sauna is relief from sore muscles, which could be revolutionary for muscular dystrophy people. The capability to reduce fatigue, cramping, and enhance recovery of the muscles portrays how incredible the device could be for combatting muscular dystrophy symptoms and encourage your body to remain in an optimal state. Some other people experience relief from joint pain, which is common in illnesses like arthritis or everyday aches throughout the body. As muscular dystrophy is known to impair these areas, it implies infrared saunas’ potential. Finally, people who use this device have clear and tighter skin, which is due to the removal of toxins and increased blood circulation to provide oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. 

If you end up using the device, you need to make sure you drink water before and after the session to prevent dehydration. I recommend spending ten to fifteen minutes in the sauna (you can technically do more if you wanted to). Still, I want to stress the importance of being careful as the incorrect use of these devices can negatively affect the body. It would help if you took some time to cool down, and I would refrain from having a warm shower or bath until your body readapts. Before getting into the sauna, you should also check the guidelines and safety concerns to make sure everything is safe. When you start using the sauna, start with one day a week and progressively increase until you feel comfortable stopping (you should not go past thirty min for each session and seven times a week). While I am in the sauna, I prefer listening to music, but you could meditate, read, or solely relax. I usually wear my underwear only, but the amount of clothing you wear is up to you. 

I can assure you that I experienced the benefits I discussed here in the blog and would encourage you to try the infrared sauna as it could have similar effects on you. There have been no serious health effects except for the traditional cautions for any sauna experience. Even if all these benefits are not entirely accurate, the heat makes anybody feel good, and the relief felt in the muscles is beyond anything else I have experienced.