The Brookstone Max 2 Cordless Percussion Massager is another option for a vibration device that works just as well. The difference between Theragun and this device is that it has two balls to massage you instead of one. I enjoy using it because I can have it massaging any part of my legs without holding the device with my hands. Using both tools simultaneously allows for me to work on my legs while I have Theragun working on the top part of my body. However, if I have time to spare, I focus on my legs with both devices to profoundly influence my body. 

Massage Experts made a review on the vibration device in an article called “Brookstone Max 2 Cordless Dual-Node Percussion Massager Review.” They explain that one advantage of the product is how you can change the message speed and massage technique. This means that you can customize your massage. I would recommend using the soothing program for the device to ensure that it does not break down your tissue enough to cause damage to your muscles. The soothing program and somewhat low speed will give you a light massage that can help relax you and your muscles. As a device that you can easily adjust with your hands, you can target sore spots in your muscles with precision. You could target sore spots to increase blood circulation to oxygenate your muscle and boost its recovery (the same way Theragun works).

They reviews enjoy the three programs that the device utilizes: Energizing, Pulsing, and Soothing. Energizing boosts blood circulation. Pulsing produces short blasts of percussion massage that is meant to energy/strengthen your muscles. The soothing delivers a deep rolling massage that has a soothing effect on muscles. As I mentioned before, you can use any program aslong as you have a low level of speed to stay away from a deep tissue massage that may negatively impact your body. They describe a scientific activity that gives evidence that people who used the vibrational device for ONLY FIVE MINUTES had lower levels of soreness in their bodies. The scientific proof clarifies the positive influence the device can have on your body.

My Theragun blog covers almost the same benefits, but the differences in both devices do not stop them from both being fantastic. I do not have any preferences, so I would encourage you to research the products to determine which one suits you the best. If possible, purchasing both devices can lead to further benefits for your body if you are willing to do it. Brookstone has many other vibrational devices that are more affordable or different if you want to look further. Like Theragun, my therapists noticed considerable changes in my body, such as increased energy, reduced tightness throughout my body, better walkability, and increased overall happiness. If you want to have the same benefits I witnessed in my body, getting one of the vibrational devices can be revolutionary.