My dad recently introduced me to a device called Sound+Sleep SE, which plays different types of white noise and sounds of nature that can be used to help you fall asleep. IN Ergo Motion’s article called “7 Benefits of Listening to White Noise,” it describes white noise as “… [combination] of several frequencies of sound, and it is a calming sound… [that] is the kind of sound that kills background noise and gives you a calm environment.” When you feel unsafe it an environment you feel uneasy about falling asleep, which is an instinct we developed from our ancestors. As I have mentioned previously, sleep is one of the most important factors to having a healthy lifestyle. White noise is another method that can boost the productivity of your sleep and make it easier to fall asleep in the first place.

I personally have always had a tight lower back and occasionally have discomfort when I am laying in my bed. It sometimes takes me about an hour or two before I end up falling asleep, which prevents me from having those extra few hours of fruitful sleep. I also find my mind drifting off to my thoughts throughout the day or any aspect of my life stopping me from falling asleep. Night braces intensify these factors making it hard for me to sleep. I occasionally question if wearing night braces is worth it if I cannot end up going to sleep, but the right question would be how do a fall asleep comfortably and still wear night braces? White noise is the answer to this question demonstrating why I am writing about it today.

I have always preferred listening to music before I sleep as it helps me relax and be in a state of peace, contrary to the chaotic reality most people live in. I have recently found a new liking into listening to sounds of nature before I sleep because it is exactly what I meditate too. The device has different sections like a meadow, waterfalls, rainfall, ocean, brook I can give a one-hundred percent guarantee that this device can help anyone with insomnia, a meditation that can impair sleep, or if you want to have better sleep in general.

To prove the benefits to you, Sleep Review completed a study proving the Sound+Sleep SE device actually works (my experiences also prove this). They found that there was a 30% decrease in minutes to fall asleep, which helps you sleep for an extended amount of time and not be restless in bed. They discovered that there was a 76% increase in the ability to sleep through the night without waking up. This is important because REM sleep can occur most productively if you are asleep for the duration of the night. The fact that you will not wake up prevents a lack of sleep, ensures the most effective sleep, and prevents your restlessness in the middle of the night. 37% reported an increase in overall sleep quality, which is important because there are more chances for your body to recover and be in the state of REM sleep that your body relies on. Finally, 46% of the people saw an increase in the feeling of being rested once they wake up in the morning ensuring that they were refreshed and ready for a great day.

My favorite noises in the device would have to be white noise, waterfalls, rainfall, and ocean. For me, water has been my life and serves to remind me of where I was born in Sydney, Australia being about ten minutes away from the closest beach. It always relaxes me and this device gives me the way to reach a state of relaxation that I need to have the best possible sleep. The partnership between Brain Tap and Sound + Sleep SE enables me to fall asleep far better and wake up feeling more alive than I did the previous day. It distracts me from the background music outside of my house and the noises I hear from the TV in the room next to mine. I would recommend this device (or any devices or apps similar to it) as an effective tool to boost your quality of sleep.

  • Falling asleep faster: 30% decrease in minutes to fall asleep
  • Less time awake: 76% increase in ability to sleep through the night without waking up
  • Better sleep quality: 37% increase in overall sleep quality
  • Feeling more rested: 46% increase in feeling rested upon waking in the morning

White noise is an amalgam of several frequencies of sound, and it is a calming sound. It is the kind of sound that kills background noise and gives you a calm environment.