A few months ago, I purchased Bose Sleep Buds because my sleeping environment was not entirely silent, and I wanted to stop myself from waking up to my family’s noise in the morning. My father had been using Bose Sleep Buds for a while, and I wanted to see if they would help improve my sleep. After using them for some time now, I can say that this product has been fantastic and has enhanced my sleep quality. Bose Sleep Buds are headphones designed for sleep with comfortable ear tips, and through an app, you can listen to music that helps block out noise. They have a variety of sounds you can choose from, which also help relax me before sleeping. I have always had trouble falling asleep quickly, and the headphones have been fantastic at making it easier to fall and remain asleep.

Bose sleep buds connect to a mobile device through Bluetooth, and you use an app called Bose Sleep to begin listening to music. The app has a library of various music which allows finding a specific sound that will be beneficial for your sleep. After downloading sounds, there is a section of the app to see all the sounds you have downloaded. Before sleeping, all you need to do is select a noise and press the play button. Luckily, the headphones battery lasts approximately ten hours, meaning that they should be working throughout the night. The headphones also have an option to allow you to set the alarm, and it gives you the option of customizing what sounds the alarm uses and some other options. The headphones themselves are comfortable within the ear, and you can use small, medium or large earpieces to see which one fits your ear the best. 

The only downside to this product is that they are quite expensive with a price tag of 250 dollars. If you are sleeping well without these sleep buds, I do not think you must buy this product. However, if you have others in the house that wake up at different times than you, or you hear noises outside of your homes such as traffic, a snoring partner or the sound of an air conditioning unit that prevent you from sleeping well, I would strongly recommend buying this product. Many reviews have agreed on the fact that the music does a great job to mask out the noise. If it does not completely mask noise, it makes it significantly quieter than if you did not use headphones. 

As I have mentioned in a previous post, sleep is a prime piece of recovery. With more sleep, you function noticeably better. For those with muscular dystrophy, I would argue it is even more essential as an inability to recover from stress which ends up damaging muscles. Healthline’s article “10 Reasons Why Good Sleep Is Important” also explains that reduced sleep makes people more susceptible to obesity and negative fat accumulation in the body, makes it hard to listen to physiological cues of hanger (may make you eat less or eat too much food), enhances the difficulty of concentration, reduced athletic performance, increases inflammation, and may make people more likely to develop depression. The only thing you need to do to figure out if this evidence is correct is to see how you feel when you get more sleep than less sleep. My experiences show how sleep can change how optimistic and resilient I am, allows me to perform more exercise without feeling sore, makes my entire body feel sore, and reduces inflammation in my body.Since Bose Sleep Buds can improve the crucial stages of sleep, I would recommend considering buying this product. If you are not willing to purchase this product, try to invest in ways to dampen noise so that noise does not interfere with sleep. The headphones have been life-changing for me, so I can attest to their ability to enhance sleep quality. Hopefully, you give your body the ability to sleep better. If you want to purchase this product, here is a link that will direct you to the Bose Website.