Lower back exercises to reduce back pain mobilizes the joints and can help you fix/prevent further back pain. If any of them are too painful for you, do not perform the exercise and find other methods to help your back (seek medical advice to correct this issue). 

ACTIV CHIROPRACTIC made a video called “6 Absolute Best Exercises for Low Back Pain | SIJ, Facet Syndrome Mobilisation, Lumbar Pain,” giving six that I have found helpful to reduce lower back pain. I will summarize the six exercises, but I would recommend watching the video to represent the exercises visually. 

The first pose is the Sphinx Pose, in which you lay on the floor and elevate yourself on both the elbows. Pull your shoulder blades back and ensure that you maintain a good posture throughout the exercise. Make sure your head does not slump towards the grain (I find it best to stare at something straight in front of you). He explains that there may be slight discomfort in the back and stretch in the stomach area, but that is normal. The next exercise is called the cobra/lizard pose. First, lie flat on the stomach with your toes pointed behind you. Plant your hands slightly away from your shoulder and push up while curling your neck towards the sky. Go as far as you can go without feeling any discomfort. Both these exercises required that you take deep breaths and perform them for many sets.

The next position is called a child or prayer pose. The exercises require that you start on all fours, stretch your arms out forward, sit your hips on your heels (or as close as they can get), and position your forehead on the ground. I feel a stretch in the shoulder and lower back region when I perform this exercise. The Reverse Russian Twist exercise is the next in the video. You lay on your back and bring your knees up with your feet on the floor. While keeping your back and chest as straight as possible, twist your knees in a side to side motion. You do not have to perform this exercise with speed or power, but it can help your back if you perform them slowly. At the end of the right or left motion, hold it there for a few seconds as it can help stretch your back further.

Spinal rocks are an easy mobilization exercise. Bring your knees towards your chest and rock back and forth. Do not have to excessively rock and do this exercise slowly as it can reduce pain and pressure in your lower back. The final movement in the video is called Hip Drop Stretch. First, lay on your back, grab your opposite knee with your hand, and pull that leg to your body’s other side. The other leg will remain straight in front of you to act as a counterweight. The other arm will remain angled to the opposite side that your leg is to stretch the muscle. Try to keep the upper chest still during this exercise. 

The next few exercises will come from Ask Doctor Jo, who made a video named “Back Pain Relief Exercises and Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo,” as she gives three phenomenal exercises. The first exercise involves you propping up your knees and then tilting your pelvis upwards for about five seconds and then relaxing. After that, lift your hips up and then slowly come back down. The next exercise is a knee to chest stretch. Grab your thighs or pull your knee up to your chest (holding for about 30 seconds). Keep the other leg straight ahead of your, or if you cannot do that, keep one leg with the knee still propper up. The third exercise involves the knee to chest stretch but holding both the legs. There are a few more exercises that repeat what ACTIV CHIROPRACTIC DID. 

The last exercise that I think is crucial for your back is called Book Openers. First, Lie on your side with knees bent level with the hips at a 90-degree angle and position your arms in your face’s direction. Then move your top arm to the ceiling, turn your head to the opposite side of your body, and allow the body to follow your arms. The intent should be to have your entire chest facing the ceiling. Try to move your arms to the complete opposite side your body is facing. If you cannot do that, move your arm as far as it can and repeat the movement on both sides of your body. “Book Openings” by the Pilates Workshop shows the exercise. 

Perform each exercise 3 times with 10 repetitions in each set. Most of these exercises focus on stretching the back, meaning that you need to inhale and exhale for 8 seconds for each repetition. These exercises are fantastic to combat my lower back tightness and are phenomenal if you integrate them into your lifestyle. My physical therapist approved many of these exercises and introduced me to a few of them. With these exercises, your body will thank you as your back is in charge of posture, proper breathing technique, and walking. If you find these useful, please recommend them to your friends and family to eradicate the lower back pain/tightness disease.