Boxing using BOB (a boxing mannequin) or a boxing bag has been an exercise that I find exhilarating for the last few years. Boxing is a full-body workout if you constantly move your feet and slightly bend your legs to maintain balance. Since it is a full-body workout, it produces more endorphins which explains why I feel relieved and happy following this exercise. There are also many different movements, variations, and forms you can use to allow your creativity to thrive or searching up videos to give yourself unique workouts. While I only use two types of boxing equipment, there are things like punching balls and boxing machines that you can use to experience a form of boxing. This post will provide some resources to show many ways that you can box and explain the benefits of boxing.

The first video called “How to Fight | Beginners Learn How to Box in 5 minutes” by FIGHTtips is boxing you can do when assisted by a trainer or any other person you can find to box with you. He covers things like keeping a wide stance and keeping your knees slightly bent while boxing. The second video called “Basics of Boxing – Training for Beginners at Home” by Tony Jeffries covers how to have a correct stance when boxing, movements you can do in a boxing position, two types of punching, two punching combinations, and the need to exhale when punching to breathe better. He also has another video called “How to Box 101 | Complete Boxing Tutorial for Beginners,” which has numerous bits of information if you want to become better at boxing. The fourth video is a 20-minute boxing workout from Tony Jeffries called “20-Minute Boxing Workout at Home (NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED!!).” You can do everything except the exercises that require lunging (if you want, you can slightly lunge as far as you can in one direction or avoid doing this part of the workout). The workout involves different punches and punching combinations and is easy to follow to have a fantastic exercise.

After learning many different types of punches and combinations of punches, you can box with any equipment and have fun while doing it. You could always make up your own way of boxing or follow tutorials or videos online. Regarding how long you should be boxing, my boxing sessions last around ten minutes, but you can box for as long or as little as you want as long as you are not exhausting yourself. Boxing is an incredible exercise and easy exercise that I am sure many will enjoy :). 

For the benefits of boxing, I will be using some information from Gloveworx’s article “How Boxing Affects the Body.” The first benefit is that it improves cardiovascular health as boxing incorporates many aerobic movements that get your heart pumping. The use of the heart helps strengthen the heart, lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. The next benefit is fat loss due to boxing forcing your heart to work harder, which helps burn calories. If you burn more calories than you consume, that is when you begin losing fat accumulation in your body. The third benefit is increased endurance. Since exercising helps you increase blood flow throughout your body, more blood going to your muscles allows you to exercise for longer durations. Another benefit is that boxing helps strengthen and tone your muscles since you use various muscles in one punch, and you could be boxing for five to ten minutes repeatedly activating these muscles. The final benefits I will cover from this article are improved coordination and reduced stress. As I mentioned before, boxing increases the number of endorphins in the body which help reduce stress and make me feel better whenever I box.

Boxing is another exercise that helps me reduce stress quickly and is one of the most fun exercises I have ever experienced. Not only is it fun, but it is a full-body workout and can burn a ton of calories in a short amount of time. If you want, you can shadow box without any equipment, buy boxing gloves, do lessons, or purchase any other type of boxing equipment to take advantage of this type of exercise. Hopefully, you consider beginning to box and can experience the same benefits I have had over the years.