For the last three years, I have received massages from two different professionals in the field. While deep tissue massage can breakdown muscles, my family and I developed a program with the massage therapist to release tension in my muscles. It also became the perfect place for me to rest and analyze the events of my week to become a better person as a whole. Massage studies show its increase of happiness within an individual most since it decreases stress in your body and the release of endorphins. While I do not entirely understand the scientific reasons for this process, I can assure that massages have undeniable impacts that have allowed me to feel as good as I could dream.

Unfortunately, the massage therapist I have had for three years had other business to attend to although, she provided an accurate description of the type of massage she gives me. Similar to medical massage, she attempted to increase a range of motions and keep soft tissues as flexible as possible to ensure my comfort. Since there is no specific type of massage for muscular dystrophy patients, any therapist needs to understand the condition. Deep Tissue will lead to muscle breakdown, which is not what is wanted for people with muscular dystrophy. Although working on the fascia and soft tissue parts of the body lightly will have profound benefits. I can not stress enough for the importance to find a professional who can fit the needs of the patient,

My previous massage therapist created this atmosphere in which we could discuss the impacts of massage, talk about our week, teach me self-care techniques, and give me advice, which may have been the most profitable outcome from all of my sessions. While massages are beneficial, many different therapies can be performed by yourself to help intensify these benefits. These may include stretching, giving yourself a light massage, having a relaxing magnesium bath, and going in a sauna. There is such a wide variety of processes that can help any individual’s body relax, which is the state in which your body can repair the most effectively.

As I keep mentioning “the previous therapist,” I recently found a new therapist that works in close connection to my physical therapist. The links enable his awareness of my condition as they both can witness me improving after every session. Personally, massages are both the most relaxing thing in the world, and incredibly helpful for my body. As I associate myself in this relaxed state in which I can dream of anything, it creates this psychological mindset in my body that I do not need to worry about anything. While there has been no research on the relationship between happiness and body effectiveness, having a fantastic mindset is the only way to make effective progression.

I encourage all of you to seek out a massage therapist that can help you be in the same relaxed state that I am in every time I receive a massage. While these steps may only seem short and ineffective, the repetition of habits such as stretching, attending massages, and relaxing will make your life excellent and allow positive progressions. I will never forget what each of my therapists has done in my life because without the knowledge of these self-care techniques; I do not know where I would be today.