As everyone is approaching summer break, I thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know to have as much fun as possible but spend a few hours each day to keep your mind active. I know that I will be spending more time swimming, having fun in my pool, playing video games, and exercising, but there is much more value in summer break than relaxing. As you do not have to focus on school, you can learn more about what you are interested in and participate in online classes, reading books, watching videos about fascinating topics, or watching a documentary.

In summer breaks, I usually lose sight of learning things and spend most of my time putting my brain in hibernate mode until the next year. Over the years, I participated in an internship in solid Biosciences, read books about psychology, nutrition, and ones that I enjoy reading for fun to keep my brain alive. I have watched youtube videos about nutrition and learned more about what it takes to be healthy every day. This summer, I have asked a few teachers to give me some assignments to keep my brain active and to continue learning concepts in summer. I also asked a teacher to provide me with many books to ensure I learn more about the political systems in Australia, the UK, the United States, and cultural anthropology. There is honestly so much information on the internet so there is never a reason to not spend a few hours each day to learn something that could help you in the future.

While a few hours each day may not feel like that much, it will continue to add up. The information you learn will help you succeed in the future and be a better person to help your community as a whole. It takes each individual’s efforts to create a united group of people that can create effective solutions in society that can benefit future generations. While ` some people feel like that can not make an impact in the world, even helping someone be happy can change everything. Knowing that you can have this impact on someone or society in future generations, displays how important being productive is at all times.

Get out of the negative mindset and believe that you can create change with enough effort to spend a few hours learning more each day. People are sometimes so stuck inside their heads because they do not believe that they matter to anyone. If you feel that way, THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. There is no point whining because everyone can have a positive influence on the world we live in. It takes a mere few hours of reading and watching videos, and you can become an unstoppable force.

Never let anyone knock you down or prevent your drive because they are solely jealous of the determination to fortify and become an intellectual individual. While it may be hard to find a passion for continuing to learn despite the want to relax during summer break, it will be worth it in the long run. You could then be a role model for others and ensure that they take up the same responsibilities to ensure society’s universal benefit. Being productive is contagious because the passion you have to learn will make it easier for you to learn more information, and you may have fun in enhancing your knowledge of your specific interests. In a quarantine time, I would recommend learning as much as possible as we do not have a chance to go outside and do an internship or take a course in person.