Many times I have asked my dad, who is studying positive attitude psychology what it takes to be the most productive and happy. Ever since I was a kid, he would always say that I controlled my own emotions. Although, as I grew older, he ended up saying that the mind is the most potent weapon.

To me, overthinking things becomes tedious because it distracts you from the primary goal at hand. People can reach a point in life in which the mind prevents them from progressing any further. The capability to have the most robust mindset separates you from everyone around you. Determination is possible to have and is questionable at different aspects in everyone’s life, I assume, but especially in mine. My mind is the only thing that gets me through each day and influences my desire to make a change in the future.

At times, I question whether or not I actually have this specific personality trait as it is something unique to each individual. It is not the matter of having people view you have a force to be reckoned with. I refrain from attention and make myself believe that I am doing everything possible to be the best I can be. As I said before, the brain is the strongest weapon and can turn you into the same force if you try hard enough. Preventing judgments and little things from impacting your mentality is the most crucial thing to establishing a society in which you can dominate.

To me, professions in fields of sport, business, and science are inspirational because they can create change. The world can be so hard, and everyone experiences troubles that they can either push through or let everything collapse on you. While I may not have gone through as much trauma as some people, I understand the difficulty of seeing through the darkness that surrounds you in life. There is always a bright future ahead of you because life is the most fantastic thing that people can experience.

Personally, it helps me to take a few minutes out of my day to sit outside and think about everything that I enjoy in life. Taking some time to analyze everything that has happened enables me to appreciate the things in life. When I do end up feeling down, doing this simple exercise overcomes my sadness. At the time of the coronavirus, it is essential to understand how good life can be. While times may seem to enclosed in darkness, there will always be a pathway into the light.

Two negatives make a positive. Happiness will always unfold.