Raspberries are a delicious fruit that I traditionally use to top off any salad, cereal, yogurt, pour them in a smoothie, and can enjoy a bowl of them at any time. Funny enough, I disliked the taste of raspberries and tried to avoid them at all costs. However, I acclimated to the taste and can now enjoy them in any shape or form. I will be discussing some wide-ranging benefits of raspberries and some other ways to integrate raspberries into your diet to encourage you to eat them more. 

To begin, I will be discussing other ways to eat raspberries. Some recipes use raspberries as an ingredient to make sauces tastier. There is a raspberry sauce that is used for many desserts. Most recipes add sugar and another element to the sauce, but you do not need these unhealthy ingredients. If you enjoy the taste of raspberries, you can spread it on toast (preferably a low carbohydrate bread or a gluten-free alternative which I use). If you are a fan of desserts, you can create a moderately healthy dessert using raspberries. You could use ingredients such as chia seeds or dark chocolate with raspberries which is probably the healthiest dessert. As mentioned before, you can include raspberries in literally any salad. Some salads may use a type of nut such as walnuts to go with raspberries in salads, which I would recommend. I receive most of my raspberries from smoothies as they make the smoothies delicious. These food ideas are probably the most popular way to utilize raspberries, but I am sure there are more out there you are open to exploring.

After understanding numerous ways to integrate raspberries into dishes, I want to discuss the various benefits of this fruit. Healthline’s article “Red Raspberries: Nutrition Facts, Benefits, and More” explains that raspberries have a low amount of calories and are packed with nutrients. These nutrients include fiber (maintains bowel health), protein (help with muscle formation and growth), vitamin C (helps repair all body tissues), vitamin K (helps with wound healing), manganese (plays a role in reducing inflammation), Vitamin E (function as an antioxidant to prevent oxidative stress), B vitamins (assist in creating energy), magnesium (helps muscles recover), copper (enables the formation of red blood cells), potassium (helps regulate fluid balance), and phosphorus (repair and formation of bones and teeth). The nutrients contained in raspberries display the numerous nutrients essential to the body’s functioning. 

In addition to these nutrients, the article explains other benefits that result from eating raspberries. Raspberries are high in antioxidants, which are plant compounds that protect against cell damage and inflammation. The reduction in oxidative stress is linked to a reduced risk for diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. They may reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases, especially autoimmune diseases. I want to note that blueberries have significantly more antioxidants than raspberries but have more calories. The second benefit is that you can eat raspberries with relatively low risks of elevated blood sugar levels and may lower blood sugar levels in the body. Too much blood sugar increases your chances of developing diabetes, can disrupt the functioning of the liver, and increase fatigue. The fact that it reduces blood sugar and prevents unnecessary spikes suggests the dramatic effects of raspberries. Other benefits include reduced symptoms of arthritis, weight loss, inflammation, and some studies suggest an ability to reduce the risk of cancer by enhancing antioxidants’ ability to fight off cancer cells.

While there is a chance raspberries themselves do not have all these positive effects listed, there is no doubt that this fruit has some benefits. Incorporating many different fruits (especially berries) and vegetables in your diet can prove beneficial to you. When I began eating various fruits, including raspberries, I began to feel so much better. Since raspberries are easy to include in numerous recipes, there is no reason not to eat this fantastic fruit. Please take my advice and begin eating more raspberries!