RXBAR’s, in my opinion, are the best protein bars due to the healthy ingredients and amount of protein within each bar. They use different types of nuts, egg whites, chocolate, sea salt, and dates to create the perfect combination for a protein bar. They also have nine different flavors, although my favorites are Peanut Butter Chocolate and Sea Salt. I initially used KIND bars, which do taste far better than RXBARS although, RXBARS have 12 grams of protein in comparison to KIND’s 4 grams. The bar is incredibly filling and can serve as a fulfilling snack for anyone’s lifestyle.

As you know, protein is in charge of many functions within the body, but most importantly, it controls muscle growth and recovery. The bars gain their proteins for three egg whites that are within each bar. Twenty amino acids construct various types of proteins that all work to complete tasks throughout the body. Think of proteins as the building blocks for organs and muscles. It is essential to gain protein from multiple sources, including vegetables, fruits, meat, and eggs. There have not been studies proving if protein is more necessary for muscular dystrophy, but eating a substantial amount of protein is beneficial for everybody. However, if you have too much protein and then do not work it off, it is terrible. I eat the protein bar after or before a work out to recover my muscles as protein helps my body processes do so. Later in the day, I will swim or bike to work off the excess proteins (if there are any). For all purposes, the bar serves all need to quench my appetite and help me recover from a stressful day or work out.

In an article by The Daily Meal called “What is an RXBAR?” they discuss the many benefits of using this bar. With the use of dates for sweetness, no added sugar is in the bars. Added sugar is prominent in many processed foods and is much more difficult for your liver to digest. Added sugar or refined sugar has shown to be harmful to your body, and it is best to avoid it as much as possible. The bars have pure ingredients that are not genetically modified. Genetically modified goods can be excellent in some cases, although most processed foods are genetically modified to a degree, prioritizing shelf life over nutritional value. The bars contain no gluten, which has been shown to increase fat gain, but is best for me since I have a gluten sensitivity. On top of this, there are no preservatives inside any of these bars proving how fantastic these bars are. The numerous benefits demonstrate how it is currently the best protein bar in the market.

The bar ends up having tons of protein due to the healthy ingredients. Fiber helps regulate blood flow, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure in the body. As I have mentioned several times, the pumping of blood takes place within your heart that can be impaired by muscular dystrophy. The blood works to oxygenate your cells, including muscle cells, which control the body’s recovery and muscle growth. Fiber is vital to living your life and has various benefits that I cannot even explain. Fiber has shown to help with constipating that may come from the lack of muscles in your digestive tract. In short, fiber is vital to having a healthy lifestyle giving more reasons to try this fantastic protein bar.

I have been eating RXBARS for the last year and have shown a considerable increase in muscle recovery and growth that I am proud to say is party due to these bars. Each time I work out, they serve to quench my appetite and help me recover as quickly as possible. I no longer have cramps, have reduced tightness, and wake up with no pain due to the benefits from these bars. I would recommend that people use this as their protein bar because of the healthy ingredients, amount of protein, and sweetness that comes from natural sources. I promise you that eating these bars will help you reach a sheer degree.