Chromatherapy, or color therapy, is defined as the use of colored lights in the bath, saunas, infrared saunas, or shower. In America Standard walk-in tubs article “What is Chromatherapy and How Does It Work?” They explain that colors influence the mental and physiological state of the body. Combining this with a hot bath (or cold bath, depending on what you are trying to accomplish) can significantly benefit the body. You can also combine this with sound therapy by listening to relaxing music in the bath with the color therapy working on you. While current medical science cannot confirm if Chromatherapy can treat certain conditions, some evidence displays effects on the body, overall pain levels, and mood. Whenever I use the bath with sound therapy, hot water, and color therapy, it makes me feel dramatically better, so this blog post discusses Chromatherapy as a possible aid to the body.

So why do these lights influence the body? Light is received in different frequencies resulting in vibrations and colors being sent to adjust the body’s vibrations. Some people believe that the adjustment to the body vibrations induces positive influences. Also, colors can impact how we feel by making us feel more relaxed or influencing the brain to induce relaxation. Either way, the colors can create a state of relaxation, which is profitable for the body and may explain its benefits.

Since colors have various frequencies and vibrations, each color is thought to have a different effect. Warm hues are the colors red, yellow, and orange. Red hues are thought to impact blood circulation and reduce the soreness of muscles. Yellow hues are considered optimal for reducing aching in the body and boost the nervous system. Orange hues are believed to increase happiness, cheeriness, energize the mind, and help improve motivation. The cool hues are the colors blue, green, purple, and white. Blue hues are considered appropriate to promote relaxation and calm the body. Green hues are perceived as helping reduce stress, create balance and harmony in the body, and create more positive emotions. Purple hues are thought to reduce anxiety, promote tranquility, and improve the problem-solving region of the brain. Finally, many believe white hues are fantastic to induce clarity and healing in the body. These colors make up the primary ones people use in Chromatherapy that influence the body. 

When I use Chromatherapy in the bath, I typically use a combination of all these colors. However, if there is one area I want to target specifically, I will use that color hue. For example, if I want to relax, I would choose either the blue hue or the purple hue, which are related to reducing stress and anxiety. If my muscles are sore, I may use the red hue or yellow hue, depending on how I feel. Ever since I began using this option whenever I have a bath, I noticed that I felt even better. Even if people are uncertain how exactly these colors impact the body, I believe it helps me dramatically in terms of myself. I would recommend trying Chromatherapy to see if you notice a difference. 

I want to mention that infrared light and Chromatherapy are considered the best combination to elicit benefits. One of these saunas is called the all wooden Sunlighten saunas, which have a chromotherapy lighting option. I have discussed the benefits of infrared light saunas before, and this type of sauna combines the effects with Chromatherapy. I have yet to use this on my own, so I can not clarify the statement with my experiences, but it seems like it would be beneficial. Sunlighten’s article “Chromatherapy Sauna Benefits: Color Therapy Explained” explains that the benefits range from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

Hopefully, you can find the time to explore Chromatherapy on your own and possibly purchase one of these devices to see if it can assist you. I only have used a Chromatherapy bath and found benefits with only one use. While I cannot clarify the same benefits for the other methods to use Chromatherapy, it makes sense to me that these would have benefits as they pile Chromatherapy’s effects on top of other benefits of showers and saunas. Take the initiative and decide if this is something that could benefit you and experiment for yourself!