Ever since I was young, my parents always told me to have a glass of water before I sleep and have on if I ever woke up during the night. As we all know, water is vital for human beings to survive as it makes up a majority of our body. Drinking water oxygenates your body and assists direct and indirect breathing relating functions (which is almost every possible function in your body). Although, it is essential not to drink a large amount of water before bed as you will most likely wake up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom. If drinking a glass of water forces you to wake up in the middle of the night, stop right away and revert to old habits. I drink a cup of water and do not wake up in the night to urinate. I want to emphasize the need that dehydration at any time of the day is horrible, and people should avoid it at all costs. Before sleeping, you must not be dehydrated as your brain, and recovery methods happen as you fall asleep. Since it does oxygenate you, drinking a glass of water and relaxing your breathing patterns is a great way to integrate this into your sleeping preparations.

There has been a longstanding debate whether drinking a glass of water is bad for you, but I recommend giving it a shot and seeing if it works for you. Sleep is vital to sustaining a healthy lifestyle, and the fact that this technique may help you gives you a reason to try. Water Coolers Direct’s article “Why Is Drinking Water Before Bedtime Good,” describes numerous benefits of drinking water before sleeping. The first benefit they mention is that it improves sleep by helping your body relax (oxygenation of muscles decreases inflammation/tightness/joint pain), amplifies the good quality of sleep preparing you for the busy day ahead (can relax/sleep faster and recover more efficiently during sleep), and replenishes necessary nutrients allowing you to recover effectively. Drinking a glass of cold water can also help you burn more calories as your body heats the liquid before your digestive system processes the water. This means that you can lose excess amounts of calories (that leads to weight gain) and weight helping you avoid being on the brink of obesity.

Water also serves as a natural cleanser throughout the day as the hydration levels help fight toxins in your body that can lead to sicknesses, acne breakouts, inflammation, and much more. Warm water can increase blood circulation, helping your blood cells fight off illnesses or imbalances that can harm you. Adding lemon in your water enhances your immune system preventing anything that can impair your physical state. The final benefit that the website mentions is that water improves your mood. Several studies have shown that people who drink more water “positive emotions, satisfaction, and calmness.” If your mind can relax faster and quiet your thoughts, it will reduce the amount of time it takes for you to fall asleep. As someone who has trouble sleeping quickly, I find it much easier to sleep after taking a long sip of water. Water prevents you from feeling exhausted when you wake up, which helps you perform enjoyable activities throughout the day. If you feel happy instead of stressed before sleeping, it prevents an excess build-up of inflammation that can impair sleep quality. The numerous benefits described, with help from the website, display many reasons to try this technique. If it does not work, there is no hassle, but if it does work, it can dramatically change your sleeping patterns and help you perform at your most optimal state.

I want to use this time to emphasize the need to remain hydrated throughout the day and not solely before sleeping. Water is critical to every function within the body, which is why I, despite the lack of emphasis on drinking water in the United States. Since I currently attend school in Las Vegas, where we live in the middle of a desert, I can tell you that there is no rule to bring water bottles. Even though they have taps throughout the campus, they still do not describe how important it is to drink water. A large number of kids are most likely dehydrated each day (Being in a desert makes it even worse due to the dry and arid environment).

I have found that drinking a glass of water before I sleep works for me, and it is entirely okay if it does not work for you. When I began doing this, I felt refreshed when I woke up and right after I drank the water. My breathing patterns slow more smoothly and efficiently, helping me fall asleep. If done correctly, you will not wake up in the middle of the night but will wake up feeling better than ever.