As we are all aware of the coronavirus that has ravaged throughout the world, I just wanted to address the importance of quarantining yourself to prevent your sickness. For anyone with a weakened immune system, this virus is incredibly dangerous. The scary part of the disease the numerous research facilities that are discovering the number of ways that the disease can spread. It can remain on different materials that can transmit the virus and may lead to death in many individuals. Even if you do not have too much worry about the disease, anyone can help reduce the pandemic from spreading further and impacting more people.

I personally have recently had a hard time quarantining myself from all my friends and with schools shutting down it is difficult to refrain from seeing people that we care about although, technology today allows for us to use social media, which I will recommend for everyone to use. If you do end up going to any restaurants or seeing any friends, wash your clothes the moment you enter the house and have a shower to prevent any particles of the virus from giving you the virus. Hand sanitizer and constant washing of the hands is a perfect way to prevent the transmission of the disease as you may come in contact with a surface that has the virus.

Each day, I have taken a shot of apple cider vinegar, which enhances people’s immune systems and kills bacteria in your throat. I have drunk lemon/warm water every day as the acidity in lemon has been known to eliminate a large portion of bacteria. The virus has been known to wait in your throat for a few days before reaching your lung so this is a healthy, effective method to prevent yourself from contracting the virus. Making sure to keep a good personal hygiene routine, including brushing your teeth, gargling mouthwash, and using soap to wash your body are probably the easiest ways to prevent the spread of the virus. I will use this event to emphasize the importance of eating healthy and eating supplements to enhance the immune system as they are phenomenal towards preventing any type of sicknesses in the future.

We also have to keep in mind that the heart and lungs are a muscle that can be impaired from the disease. Due to this, it is important to stay away from public areas greater than ten people as it can have unforeseen negative consequences on your body. As I have mentioned before, sicknesses can prevent you from doing exercises and stretches that muscles need to continue to function. Since there have been deaths throughout the country, I hope everyone is staying as safe as possible and maintaining precautionary measures to prevent the continued spread of the virus.

I know times may seem tough, but after any event similar to this we always push through and find better times. Everyone stay safe we will make it through!